GLOW Season 3's Best Moments Isn't Vegas But Its Focus On Great Minority Characters

The wait for GLOW to give its large cast of characters some attention was worth it.

Spoilers for GLOW season 3!

You’ve been warned!

A big part of what made the first two seasons of GLOW work so well was the intertwining of its character’s arcs with their hardship of trying to get their women’s wrestling TV show, G.L.O.W, off the ground.

Season three quickly makes it clear that while G.L.O.W is now a Las Vegas stage show, all the hard work has paid off as everyone is finally tasting the success they’ve worked so hard for. But with success comes a discernible lack of dramatic tension. With their goals reached, there are no longer any stakes for the ensemble.

Recognising this little problem, the writers for GLOW made the inspired decision to bench G.L.O.W in favour of focusing on its large roster of characters and the result is several of our favourite supporting characters finally getting their long-awaited time in the spotlight, as well as deeper explorations into established relationships.


We see Tammé (Kia Stevens) go through the physical toll of performing G.L.O.W every night and subsequently figuring out a new, less painful career path; There’s Sheila (Gayle Rankin) becoming more comfortable in her own skin as she gradually sheds the wolf skin she wears (literally and metaphorically); and we see conflicts between Cherry (Sydelle Noel) and Keith (Bashir Salahuddin) as the couple butt heads over starting a family.

Season three also digs much deeper into LGBTQI angle than previous seasons as we see how Bash (Chris Lowell) and Arthie (Sunita Mani) gradually come to terms with their sexuality in the face of external and internal pressures.

But perhaps the storyline that resonated the most for me personally was Jenny (Ellen Wong) and Melanie (Jackie Tohn)’s arc. Jenny is the only Asian character on the show and she was barely more than the quirky token Asian who weathers a bunch of race jokes – both with her character and in-show wrestling character – from Melanie during the first two seasons of GLOW.

After two seasons of building, GLOW finally addresses the whole race thing with an emotional – if slightly clumsy – heart to heart between the Jenny and Melanie. We finally get to see a bit more of what makes those two tick and it was worth the wait.

The fact that I haven’t even mentioned the great work by the likes of Alison Brie, Betty Gilpin, Marc Maron, Britney Young, Britt Baron and guest star Geena Davis speaks volumes about the size and talent of the cast more than anything else.

GLOW has certainly had problems in the past with properly servicing all its characters but has always got away with it thanks to the great work from the actors. Season three goes some ways into fixing that problem but hasn’t quite nailed it just yet.

The increased focus on the characters has had a trickle-down effect on the narrative’s pacing, which is perhaps the most uneven one yet. Season three’s storyline doesn’t quite coherently gel as a whole and its parts feel greater than the sum of the whole.

But despite some cracks appearing, GLOW continues to chug along due to the brilliant work of its cast, the layered characters and the show’s exploration into heady themes like feminism, the patriarchy and the pitfalls of showbusiness.

Season three is messy, painful and fun, not unlike the G.L.O.W Las Vegas stage show, and that’s why it remains compelling.

Gal Gadot Is Going To Play The Real Life Wonder Woman Who Invented Your WiFi

We asked for more Gal Godot as Wonder Woman and we got something even better.

Having inspired people everywhere as the fictional Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is now trading in the superhero spandex to play a real life Wonder Woman.

According to Deadline, Gal will be starring and executive producing a limited TV series for Showtime about 1930s Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr, who was an acclaimed actress during the day and an inventor in her down time.

Talk about being multi-talented.

So how important was Hedy’s work? Well her acting has been forgotten a little these days but her inventions are some of the most important things ever made. Her work on radio guidance systems and frequency-hopping technology ultimately led to the creation of your wifi and the Bluetooth in your headphones.

A real life Wonder Woman indeed.

The still-untitled limited series will be written by Sarah Treem (The Affair) and reportedly focus on Hedy’s life when she immigrated from Europe to the U.S. in 1938, her acting career during which she became Hollywood royalty and was bestowed the title of ‘The Most Beautiful Woman In The World’, and her time as an inventor during WWII when she helped invent technology that helped the U.S. army decode enemy messages.

According to Showtime:

“[The] series will explore the rise and fall of feminism in the American landscape during Golden Age of Hollywood and World War II, aiming to find, in Lamarr’s life and legacy, clues for who we are now.”

As for when we’ll see this amazing sounding TV series on our screens, no window has been announced but it’ll likely be a while before we hear anything because Gal has got a bunch of other projects in the pipeline, including a big budget action thriller alongside The Rock and Deadpool.

But hey, if we were willing to wait three years for a new Wonder Woman movie, we can definitely wait as long as needed in order to see Gal Gadot play a real life Wonder Woman.

Netflix's The Witcher And Henry Cavill's Arms Will Wipe The Bitter Taste Of Game Of Thrones From Your Mouth

This is gonna be good. Hopefully.

Now that Game of Thrones is over, we’re all going to need a big-budget replacement show to fill that fantasy void and to wipe away the bitter taste of GoT‘s polarising final season.

Well folks, it appears we have a frontrunner and it comes courtesy of Netflix.

The streaming giant dropped the long-awaited first teaser trailer for its upcoming live-action adaptation of The Witcher and its got everything Thrones fans will love and a bit more on top of that.

You’ve got a fantastical setting filled with sorcerers, elves, CGI monsters, magic and the usual fantasy smorgasbord of tropes.

No strings needed for this little magic trick.

There’s a diverse cast of supporting players with differing and interesting motivations, some intriguing and important characters like Ciri and Yennefer, clashing ideologies and political wrangling, a dash of thirst and sexy times, big budget action scenes that actually bothered to use proper lighting, and enough stunning cinematography to make Peter Jackson envious.

You can see everything that’s going on!

But the biggest tick for The Witcher is Henry Cavill as the monster hunting protagonist, Geralt of Rivia.

Not only can he swing a a sword like an actual witcher super convincingly (apparently he did all his own stunts), he got super jacked for the role. If his fighting ability or smouldering stares don’t convince you, his arms certainly will.


And as a bonus cherry on top, it seems like the show is remaining faithful to the book series by going into fine details, like Geralt’s creepy black eyes and bulging veins after consuming one too many potions.

The look you get after one too many at the tavern.

There’s still no date on when the show drops on Netflix other than a “fall” premiere date but The Witcher is shaping up to be a damn good ride that incorporates everything we want in a high fantasy series.

Check out the trailer right here and get ready for a ride. Just don’t expect any Geralt and Yennefer getting freaky on a unicorn or Geralt manspreading while taking a bath. Gotta save some gems for the actual show.

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