Gamers Are About To Be Hit Bigly With Huge New Taxes Because Trump Chucked A Tanty

The entire games industry just got fragged.

Spare a thought for the gamers in your life, especially the Americans ones, because the US president has just indicated that he’s dragging them into his trade war. And after they’d done so much for him, especially in Fortnite team chat!

In a new and exhaustingly long list of things which the US will now impose tariffs upon are games and gaming consoles, whose prices will rise by an eyewatering 25 per cent under a new proposal from the Trump administration. That’ll show them pesky Chinese!

Well, it won’t because tariffs are paid by people doing the buying, not the selling – so it’ll show them, um, Americans that like games. Boom!

There’s already a tariff on consoles imported to the US from the European Union because Trump is nothing if not consistent about his love for tariffs.

But the timing is especially unfortunate for the American gamethusiast since the release dates for the new generation of Xbox and Playstation consoles are about to be announced.

And spoiler: they are not made in America using good, all-American knowhow, and will therefore be imported, complete with new tariffs.

And this is going to put the typical US fragmaster in a bind. Does he support uneconomic strategies which force him to pay a massive hike on the new consoles and games, or criticise the president that has made it absolutely OK to be racist, sexist and homophobic in public?

What a conundrum!

Of course, now that “gaming disorder” has been deemed a medical condition maybe this is as close as Trump is likely to come to enacting a public health measure.

McDonalds Outlets Will Now Act As US Embassies And No This Isn't A Joke

Let's be honest, we all knew this day would come.

It’s far too easy to point at the United States’ globe-spanning businesses and  make some snide comment about cultural hegemony and how every McDonalds is, like, just an outpost of the American Empire, man.

And now it officially is. In Austria, at least.

Which… which makes this their ambassador, we guess?

In the European nation McDonalds are now empowered to act as mini-embassies for US travellers in need, including a 24 hour hotline to the US embassy in Vienna.

Why Austria? It’s the brainchild of their ambassador Trevor Traina, because presumably he has a lot of time on his hands to work on these sort of disruptive innovations.

But we’re just delighted that someone has finally catered a service for those people who discover their passport’s been stolen but also really want a McFlurry.

An Australian Federal Candidate Paid Stormy Daniels For An Endorsement And It's Better Than That Sounds

And it's possibly Australia's least-Trumplike political figure!

Political endorsements are pure electoral gold. At least, we assume that’s the case because otherwise getting them would just be a big stupid waste of time and, on occasion, US$250.

Such as this case, where comedian Michael Hing has gotten an endorsement for One Asian’s senate campaign from Ms Stormy Daniels.

Yes, that Stormy Daniels.

And, like certain sitting US presidents are alleged to have done, Hing paid for the pleasure – specifically, he paid the company Cameo the aforementioned two-hundred-and-fifty-dollars-US-which-is-what-$354.84-Australian-before-conversion-fees for 15 seconds of Daniels’ time.

Unlike others, however, Hing has happily copped to it. And it’s fair to assume that she found the experience far more pleasurable.

And while NSW voters are probably not going to give the genuinely brilliant Hing a gig, it’s worth pointing out that he is almost certainly not eligible to sit in parliament under Section 44 of the Constitution in any case – not because of his citizenship, but because he’s employed by SBS and is therefore is possession of “an office of profit under the Crown”.

But hey, that’s for the High Court to determine! In the meantime, NSW, you know what to do.


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