Hate It All You Want But The Worst Game Of Thrones Ep Will Almost Certainly Win The Best Writing Emmy

And no amount of angry fan petitions will stop it.

It’s probably a bit of an understatement to say that the Game of Thrones finale was divisive. Between the pacing, the conclusion of several character arcs, and the presence of several stray plastic bottles, there were so many moments in ‘The Iron Throne’ fans either loved or hated that it’s enough to give someone whiplash.

But despite all the quips everyone had about the episode and its writing – it’s currently tied as the lowest ranked Thrones episode ever on Rotten Tomatoes – HBO has nominated it in the prestigious Best Writing category for the 2019 Emmys and it is a shoo in to win the trophy despite all the fan backlash to David Benioff and Dan Weiss’ work on it.

Yes, that’s our reaction too.

Now you’re probably wondering why HBO decided to nominate ‘The Iron Throne’ for the Best Writing Emmy instead of better reviewed season eight episodes like ‘A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms‘. Well, the fact of the matter is that they could’ve nominated any episode for the category and it would’ve still won. Yes, even that poorly lit Battle of Winterfell episode.

You may love or hate the Thrones finale but the simple explanation as to why it’ll beat other seemingly more deserving shows to the Best Writing crown is because it remains a massive pop-culture juggernaut and there’s a relative lack of competition.

While there are other critically-acclaimed shows like Killing Eve and Better Call Saul in the running, they have nowhere near the level of buzz, viewership or love from the TV Academy members voting for the Emmy noms and winners (which is a story for another time). Put it simply, the quality of the actual writing in the last season of Thrones is almost a non-factor for the Best Writing category and it’s got other things going for it that makes it a heavy favourite in any field it is nominated in.

Here’s to the inevitable swath of Emmys won by Game of Thrones.

Now we’re still in the early stages of the Emmy and things could swing wildly – not unlike the last season of GoT – before the official nominations are announced on July 16, but past history has shown us that Thrones will more than likely win any Emmy race it’s in and no amount of angry fan petitions will change the inevitable end result.

Dear Sophie Turner, Lets Drink Tequila Then You Can Slap Me In The Face

Not sure how but she makes drinking while slapping people look fun.

Now I’m not a party person by any means but if an opportunity were to come up where Sophie Turner and I would be having tequila shots while she slaps me across the face repeatedly, well that’s an experience even someone as boring as me would say yes to in a heartbeat.

The Game of Thrones actress appeared on Conan O’Brien’s talk show to promote X-Men: Dark Phoenix but things quickly went off-topic and the pair started talking about a little game she liked to play with her castmates called “tequila slaps.” The game is exactly what it sounds like: one person takes a shot of tequila and the other slaps them.

Conan being Conan, he decided to play a round of tequila slaps with him as the slapee and Sophie as the slapper, and things went just as you expected.

The sound of that slap on Conan’s face was amazing and I’m pretty sure his soul was removed from his body in that instant. Now for those worried about Sophie getting slapped across the face by her male costars, no need to stress because she gave them permission to do it, so much so that she got bruises.

But judging by the whopper she left on Conan (which she admits was a soft one), I have a feeling that she left more bruises than she received. After all, you don’t become Queen of the North without rocking a killer slap.

Anyway, we here at GOAT are all in for a round of tequila slaps so please swing on by if you and Joe are in the neighbourhood and we’ll get a game started. The handprint on my face bestowed upon me by the Queen of the North and inevitable hangover I’ll get will be something I’ll wear with pride.


There's A Way To Watch That Badly Lit Game Of Thrones Episode Without A TV And It Actually Looks Good

Move over TV, VR is the way to go.


Let’s face it, there were a lot of complaints from fans about the last season of Game of Thrones that ranged from Bran becoming King of Westeros and Daenerys’ character arc to the much hyped “The Long Night” episode being nigh unwatchable mainly because someone forgot how to set up the lights.

While there’s no redoing the first two complaints, no matter how many fans sign that dumb “remake S8” petition, we have figured out a new way to rewatch the Battle of Winterfell that elevates it from “literally unwatchable” to “that was actually pretty good” that doesn’t involve turning off the lights and cranking up your TV’s brightness setting.

All you have to do is watch it through a VR headset.

It is indeed a reason to smile.

The kind folks at Facebook kindly lent us one of their new Oculus Quest VR headsets and it’s been quite the revelation.

Unlike all the other VR headsets going around that need to be hooked up to a mega powerful PC or PS4 in order to work, the Quest is 100% portable so you can use it from the comfort of your couch or bed. The headset itself is actually pretty comfortable and big enough to accommodate glasses-wearers with no problem, and the user interface is pretty easy to navigate which is always nice.

Most importantly, it offers up a cinema-eqsue quality when it comes to watching Game of Thrones that genuinely adds to the experience. The cinematographer for “The Long Night” previously had a whinge that all the “it’s too dark” complaints were dumb because the episode should’ve watched in a cinema as intended, but I now see where he’s coming from after rewatching the Battle of Winterfell on the Quest.

The lack of an external light source definitely helps when viewing the episode’s dark scenes as you can actually make out what’s happening. But the biggest surprise was the increased sense of tension I got. Despite knowing what happens, my heart was pounding during most of the episode, particularly the great sequence where Arya stealthily escapes a bunch of wights in the library.

I can’t even properly describe that moment when Arya kills the Night King because it was far more awesome the second time around,

You won’t regret it.

There are a few small issues that do come up should you use the Quest for your Game of Thrones viewing. The sound isn’t the best so you’ll want a pair of headphones to go with it, the battery life only goes for about 3 or so hours so you’ll only get in a couple of episodes before needing to recharge, and it’s not exactly cheap as these things go for about $650.

Okay, this probably isn’t the most viable option for most but outside of renting out an entire cinema just to watch “The Long Night”, rocking a VR headset like the Quest is a pretty good alternative to a TV.

All in all, the Quest may not be able to fix “The Long Night’s” structural and narrative problems but it definitely makes for a far better viewing experience than a TV.

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