Game Of Thrones Wins Best Drama At The 2018 Emmys, Again, Over A Pile Of Other Shows That Deserve It More

Overlooking other shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, and The Americans is just a travesty.

There are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes, and dreams in which you’re wearing no pants. Well I think it’s time to add a fourth thing: Game of Thrones winning the Best Drama Emmy.

After sitting out the 2017 Emmys due to the longer-than-expected wait for season 7, the mega-popular fantasy series returned with a bang at the 2018 Emmys by winning its third consecutive Best Drama Emmy.

Good for them, I guess.

Look, we get it, Game of Thrones is a good show and deserving of almost all of the acclaim and accolades it gets. But when comparing the last Thrones season to its competitors in the Best Drama category, there were other, more deserving shows.

Season seven of GoT was pretty good, but no amount of Jon and Daenarys interactions can make up for the lapses in plot logic, questionable jumps in the time line, and bizarre character decisions, all of which prevented the show from reaching the heights of, say, season three to five.

Now let’s compare that to all the other Best Drama Emmy nominees:

  • The Americans – Epic final season and arguably the best drama series in recent memory that’s not Breaking Bad.
  • The Crown – Proves that you don’t need dragons or a medieval aesthetic for a show to look great. Plus the stories about the various royals were super-interesting and surprisingly educational.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale – Sure there was a sophomore slump, but when the initial bar was a critically-acclaimed first season, season two of this show is still way better than most other things on TV.
  • Stranger Things – Huge pop-culture phenomenon, maintained its high bar of storytelling and tension despite some wobbles, putting it at least on par to season seven of Thrones.
  • This Is Us – Yeah, this one can’t hold a candle to Thrones.
  • Westworld – Some out-of-the-game wobbles, but deserves praise for its ambition, heady themes, and the way it ramped up towards the end.

So by going through the nominees using my extremely accurate and precise comparison method, Thrones is only about the third best nominated show at best, and The Americans or The Crown were far more deserving.

But what’s been awarded has been awarded so there’s no going back now. At least Thrones won’t be back until 2019 at the earliest so next year’s Emmy’s will at least be competitive and free of any HBO dragons.

Donald Glover Brought His Bonkers Atlanta Character Teddy Perkins To The Emmys, Which Made It Kinda Awkward When He Didn't Win Best Actor

Teddy lives.

We’re deep into the 2018 Emmys and there has been quite a few big moments already, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel taking an early lead with four big wins, and Sandra Oh cranking up the wholesomeness by bringing her parents along.

Hell, we even had what must be the first ever Emmy’s on-stage proposal. Spoiler alert: she said yes.

But arguably the biggest moment is when Donald Glover went all meta and brought the most memorable part of season two of Atlanta to the Emmys: Teddy Perkins.

That’s right, the creepy, titular character portrayed by Glover from that bonkers (and critically-acclaimed) season two episode “Teddy Perkins” made a sneaky appearance at the awards show. Seated amongst the rest of the Atlanta cast, the character’s high cheekbones and several kilos of make-up meant that he stood out like a tall western bloke in China.

I’m not entirely certain who was under that Teddy Perkins get up since a suited-up Glover is clearly seen sitting nearby, but word on the street is that it was actually his co-star Lakeith Stanfield who is wearing those cheekbones.

As nice as it was to see the character be brought back for the 2018 Emmys (regardless of who is under all that make-up), it wasn’t just a joke though as Teddy’s appearance is obviously a plug for Atlanta in its battle for Emmy success.

Which made it slightly awkward when Glover ultimately lost out on the Best Actor gong to Bill Hader, who I have to admit was brilliant in his show Barry.

Tough break for Glover. He (sorta) played multiple roles at the same time while at the Emmys and yet he still couldn’t win.

A Tinder-Inspired Game Of Thrones Mobile Game Is Coming, Which Means My Dream Of Swiping Right On Jon Snow Will Actually Happen...Sort Of

Just a heads up, don't expect much hooking up. Actually, don't expect any hooking up at all.

There’s something about Game of Thrones that really gets people’s blood running whenever a conversation turns towards the direction of Westeros.

I personally think it is a combination of the large cast of impossibly good-looking people, most of whom you want to hook up with at any given change, and all those gut-wrenching moments when the bad guys win. More than once I’ve watched the show and thought “if I was in charge, I would totally change that” followed immediately with “that person is just too good-looking to play *insert character*”.

The reason I bring all this up is because there’s a new mobile game coming that essentially a Game of Thrones themed Tinder where you can swipe on your favourite characters while changing the story into whatever the hell you want.

Game publisher Devolver announced today that it is working on a Game of Thrones spin-off of its popular indie mobile game Reigns.

For those who are unaware, Reigns is a strategic mobile game where you play as a monarch and you have to balance the power of four factions (military, church, people, and wealth) by either swiping left or right on important decisions. It essentially works like Tinder, just with much, much, much less hooking up and more life or death scenarios.

For the upcoming Game of Thrones version of Reigns, the game loosely adapts the entire series’ storyline. But rather than sticking closely to the established narrative, the story twists and turns based on your decisions.

Want to see Sansa take the Iron Throne with her direwolf at her side? Swipe right. See Ramsay Bolton lay waste to Westeros as its ruler? I don’t know why you would do that but go ahead and swipe left if you want to see that.

But just like the original Reigns game, while you may be swiping on your favourite Game of Thrones characters like Arya, Cersei, and Jaime as you would on Tinder, you’re (sadly) doing it to ensure their survival rather than some slim hope that they will swipe right back on you.

Sorry all you thirsty Game of Thrones fans.

Look, if this is the closest that I’ll ever get to swiping right on Jon Snow, Daenarys, and Tyrion while brutally swiping left on Cersei and Ramsay Bolton, then sign me up right away.

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