Fortnite Creative Mode Lets You Build Any Place You Can Think Of, So Obviously People Are Building Call Of Duty's Nuketown Map

I mean, duh.

One of the most iconic Call Of Duty: Black Ops maps is Nuketown – a 50s-style nuclear test site.

It quickly became a multiplayer favourite, and a non-negotiable inclusion in basically every future CoD release. It’s been recreated everywhere from paintball centres to, now, Fortnite‘s new creative mode.

Barely a week after creative mode’s live launch, plenty of Fortnite players have used the custom-build areas to recreate CoD maps like Nuketown and Rust.

You can see one of the best Nuketowns here, along with a how-to:

Multiplayer designer David Vondehaar has said Nuketown was inspired by the infamous “nuke the fridge” scene in Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull, where Indy stumbles onto an eerie suburb soon revealed to be an active nuclear test site, and survives a bomb blast by hiding inside a lead-lined fridge.

This in turn was actually based on Operation Cue, one of the most famous nuclear tests. In 1955, the US government really did load up a test site in the Nevada desert with cute little nuclear family mannequins and houses and other infrastructure, and then bombed the bejesus out of it to see what would happen.

If you want to feel older than Harrison Ford in Crystal Skull, though, here you go: there are definitely, definitely kids playing Fortnite right this minute who weren’t born when Black Ops first came out in 2010, and might not even be allowed to play it yet.

They might play Nuketown for the very first time… in Fortnite.

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