Finn Wolfhard Totally Picked Bill Hader’s Casting In ‘It: Chapter Two’ Almost A Year Ago

Who needs high flying Hollywood executives when the kids have everything under control?

Child actors or casting director prodigies?

In July last year, the young cast of the film, It, sat down with MTV for a chat about their hit film.

During the interview, they were asked to nominate the top actors they’d like to see play the adult versions of their characters.

Each of the teenage stars had some pretty cool thoughts on the matter.

But it was Finn Wolfhard and Sophia Lillis’s star-studded suggestions that were spot on the money.

Wolfhard picked none other than Bill Hader to take on the grown up role of Richie Tozier, while Lillis suggested Jessica Chastain jump on board for her part in the Losers Club.


And whaddya know – the kids were onto something.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hader and Chastain are officially in negotiations to join It: Chapter Two, as is James McAvoy (who is set to play the adult role of Bill).

Gees, give these kids a raise – they really nailed this one. They might as well be running the whole show.

Chats about casting the adult versions of these famous characters has been ongoing ever since It (based on the novel by Stephen King) hit cinemas in 2017.

Seeing as audiences only got the first part of the story in last year’s movie, we all expected the second half (which will be set 27 years later), to hit screens eventually.

Personally, I can’t think of anyone better than Hader to take on the role of Tozier. Not only is Hader a comedic genius with impressions coming out the wazoo (just like Richie), he even looks like Wolfhard – just check out the smile!


We know Richie eventually gets a radio job in Los Angeles where he can make all the jokes he wants and talk to his hearts content, and somehow, we can’t help but think Bill Hader would do that role justice.

Even Chastain’s casting as the lone female in the group, Beverly Marsh, is on the money.

Not only do Lillis and Chastain look like they could be family, Chastain has a habit of nailing her performances as strong, determined women.

Chastain even told a number of publications last year that she’d be on board for the second film if the opportunity ever presented itself.

So there you go – it’s settled, can we start filming already?

Just please, whatever happens going forward, let’s get Chris Pratt on board as Ben Hanscom – Jeremy Ray Taylor couldn’t have been more spot on with that absolutely brilliant suggestion.

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