Women Educating Men About Harassment Is The Internet Thread We Need

Read and learn something.

Women’s safety and harassment are two issues that demand our attention, particularly over the last few years. But despite the seriousness of these topics, men still don’t quite “get” it.

So to educate everyone on just why women’s safety and harassment is such a big deal and why men need to pay more attention, an internet thread on the AskWomen subreddit was started to educate them on the topic.

Titled “Whilst social awareness of sexual harassment towards women seems to be on the rise, what are some areas within this issue you wish men paid more attention to that they still seem oblivious to or outright neglect?” the thread quickly picked up a heap of steam as many women shared story after story.

The whole thread is full of eye-opening insights and harrowing anecdotes about the many ways men act inappropriately and things they need to pay attention to.

Here are just some of the important highlights:

“Regarding physical contact: if you wouldn’t touch a male coworker/friend/boss in that fashion, don’t do it to your female coworkers/friends/bosses. I’m looking at you, hugs-in-the-workplace-guy and rubbing-shoulders-in-the-gym-guy.”


“I had a male friend get very upset that I wouldn’t take the light rail downtown by myself at night. I’ve had too many things happen to me to feel comfortable doing so.

His response was “Well I take it all the time and I’m fine.” That’s great! You’re also over 6’ and power lift. He just couldn’t wrap his mind around me not feeling safe.”

“Just because I’m at a concert without a man doesn’t mean that I want my ass grabbed by random strangers. Don’t dance up on me. Don’t touch me.”

“Don’t take it personal when a girl is weary of you at first. I’ve seen way too many dudes take it super personal and blow up if a girl turns down a drink from them that she didn’t see get made, or if she takes any sort of extra precautions. They don’t realize that women don’t know who the good and bad ones are.”

“Asking personal questions and pressing or telling you to “relax/calm down/etc” when you say you’re not totally comfortable providing that info yet.”

“We KNOW that is is “not all men.” The issue is that it only takes one man to ruin or end my life, and I have no way of knowing which stranger that could be.”

“I don’t care how well you know him and how good of a guy you think he is, I am allowed to not be attracted to him and you shouldn’t pressure me to just “give him a chance.”

Men should definitely read up on the thread here in order to not only understand just how big of an issue women’s safety is, but also to open their eyes on seemingly innocent gestures they do to women but are in actuality quite problematic.

And if you’re a guy who immediately responds to any of these comments with “NOT ALL MEN”, then you’re definitely one of those men and you need to get learning, my dude.

Women Aren't Actually Better Than Men At Multitasking, They Just Work Harder

Turns out the ol' "I suck at multitasking" excuse is complete rubbish.

Here’s a loaded question for you: who’s better at multitasking, women or men?

It’s a an age-old hypothetical and I’m willing to bet that you answered “women, duh.”

It’s a pretty common answer that adheres to cultural stereotypes. If we look back on how society views multitasking, women are seen to have no trouble juggling children, a job, a household and a various other life tasks whereas men can barely function while doing one thing at a time.

But according to a new study published on PLOS One, it turns out that women are actually no better at multitasking than men are.

Spongebob gets it.

Researchers got 48 men and 48 women and tested their ability to swap between activities quickly, how well they identified letters and numbers, paying attention to two tasks at once and swapping attention between tasks.

After measuring the reaction times and accuracy for the tasks between the men and women, it was found that there was no notable difference between the groups and humans in general suck at the multitasking thing, period.

So you’re not wrong when you say “I suck at multitasking”, it’s just everyone else does as well.


If science dispels the whole mulitasking myth, why does it seem like women have it all sorted while men are next to useless when confronted with more than one task?

Well it’s because women simply work harder than men.

Despite more men spending time doing housework these days, a majority of it is still done by women. Australian bread-winning mothers end up spending four extra hours a week doing this sort of work compared to bread-winning fathers and it’s taking a heavy toll on their mental health.

Debunking this whole multitasking myth is important in ensuring workloads are evenly spread out but there’s more to be done beyond science telling us that we all suck at doing stuff.

Not only do women need affordable, high-quality childcare that’s widely available but men also need access to things like paternal leave and flexible work in order to help share the labour, especially with the steadily increasing number of dudes getting invested in equal sharing and co-parenting.

So to all those dudes who are helpless at juggling multiple tasks and chalking it up to women being better at multitasking, science says that myth is completely wrong and you need to take a leaf out of their book and simply work harder.

Hannah Gadsby Thinks Louis CK Can Redeem Himself, He's Just Refusing To Do It

After previously criticising CK for his behaviour, Hannah Gadsby is back at it again.

Hannah Gadsby is definitely not shy when it comes to calling out imbalances and injustices in the entertainment world post #MeToo, particularly when it comes to her comments about disgraced comedian Louis CK.

After calling CK “a joke” and criticising him over his inability to reassess his position of power following his admission of sexual misconduct in 2017, Gadsby has now said he can still find redemption, the problem is that he refuses to do so.

Speaking to Indiewire, Gadsby says CK has a “clear path to redemption” but he’s “just not taking it,” opting instead to be “self-indulgent” and a “cry baby” about the whole thing.

She remarked that his recent slew of stand-up comedy shows aren’t a path of redemption and show nothing more than him “throwing a tantrum for the tantrum itself.”

Gadsby definitely is onto something here about CK. After being put in a naughty corner for about a year to think about what he’d done, CK started performing stand-up again in 2018.

But rather than learning a big lesson on why jerking off in front of women without their consent is wrong and working those learnings into his material in a thoughtful way (like Aziz Ansari), CK is doing the same offensive jokes about women and masturbation he did prior to his sexual misconduct admission, as well as some new ones about shooting survivors and transgender people because why the hell not.

Not only does this tell us that he’s learned nothing, he actually thinks he’s the victim in this whole thing.

When asked whether other disgraced comedians aside from CK can find redemption, Gadsby says it’s applicable to “anyone” as “there’s an issue at large, at it goes across all issues of representation.”

CK and many other disgraced comedians have a lot of work to do if they want to redeem themselves. But if they take the CK “cry baby” route, then that path to redemption is going to be a never ending road to nowhere and you can be sure that Hannah Gadsby will call them out on it again and again.

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