Ladies, You Can Expect A Punch To The Ovaries At Tax Time Because Patriarchy

Even tax cuts are getting sexist these days.

When Scott Morrison was on the election trail the main – alright, only – thing he kept promising was that there would be a slew of tax cuts for all Australians starting this very year.

That last bit was abruptly cancelled when it became clear that he’d chosen an election date that would make it far too late for parliament to resume and pass said tax cuts before the end of the financial year.

Which… which he might have have known before calling the election, since he chose the date?

Anyway: the tax cuts aren’t coming this year, but the plan is to legislate them as soon as parliament sits. Except that there are a few issues.

One is that Labor support the first two tranches of them but not the third, which just so happens to be the bit that gives huge financial reward to the already-rich folks making $180,000+ a year. Are you making $180k a year? Yeah, neither are we.

We all are, dude. We all are.

Also, the government needs four of the six cross benchers to get it through the senate if Labor and the Greens oppose it, and both Centre Alliance and One Nation have announced their support is dependent on their demands being met.

But there’s another wrinkle thanks to an analysis by the Australia Institute, and it’s that the third stage of the tax cuts are not only skewed to benefit the rich, but more specifically the rich who also have penises.

In fact, dudes will get a sweet, sweet $11bn in income tax cuts, while dames get $6bn. Which, you might notice, is a lot less.

It’s mainly because men are, on average, wealthier than women in Australia. And the reason is something which we all know about: the gender pay gap, aka Women Have To Choose If They Make Babies Or Take A Career-Hindering Break In Their Most Crucial Professional Years.

Pictured: easy, valueless work that’s much easier to handle than paid employment.

At the moment the government are refusing to negotiate (except they are) or to break the legislation up, forcing Labor to either reject the whole lot or pass the first bits that they like and hope like hell they’ll be in power to repeal the that doesn’t kick in until mid-2022, at which point there’ll have been at least one more federal election.

Also, let’s be honest: given that tax funds the stuff Australia needs – health, education, defence, that sort of thing – shouldn’t we be using that money to improve it all and letting being rich be its own reward?

$180k a year is already wildly loaded compared with most Australians (the median income is around $55k a year), so it seems super-weird to give those big earners more as a prize for already having too much. We can do better things with that money, surely?

To be fair, that looks like fun.

When Will The Puffy-Chest Bros Stop Being So Angry At Rosie Batty Literally Just Talking?

Pay careful attention to any man that complains about women speaking out against violence.

CONTENT WARNING: violence against women and children

Before we get into what people have been saying about domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty, it’s worth remembering what led her to the public’s attention in the first place.

Batty was involved with Greg Anderson, a violent man who was prone to physical outbursts. After the birth of their son Luke, Anderson physically assaulted her and she left the relationship, taking Luke with her.

Aside from Anderson’s multiple run ins with the law, including death threats against a housemate and accessing child porn on a library computer, he also carried out multiple assaults on Batty for the next decade, despite her having  intervention orders against Anderson.

And then in February 2014 he cornered their son Luke in the cricket nets following sports practice, and stabbed him to death.  Anderson died of self-inflicted wounds shortly after during a stand off with police. Luke was 11 years old.

Batty has experienced intimate partner violence and lost her child to the man who abused her throughout their relationship. And somehow she is not just standing after all that trauma but has been a tireless advocate for victims of domestic violence in Australia, setting up the foundation that bears her son’s name and becoming an officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours.

And this sheer strength, this stunning courage in the face of unimaginable trauma, has scared the hell out of a lot of deeply inadequate men over the years.

Like, for example, CFMEU boss John Setka, who is himself facing charges at the moment, including pleading guilty to allegations he harassed a woman.

His alleged claim – that Batty’s work in anti-violence advocacy had led to men having fewer rights – has forced the hand of the CFMEU, the wider union movement and for Labor leader Anthony Albanese to call for his expulsion from the Labor Party and sacking from the union.

It’s worth adding that Setka denies saying anything of the sort and that his comments were taken out of context.

Setka’s career is definitely over, and because it’s 2019 his cause will doubtless be taken up by Mens Rights Inadequates who believe that he, like them, is the victim – along with every other male held to account for their words and actions.

He’s not the first angry bloke to feel cool about telling a woman to shut up for talking about violence against women, and neither will he be the last to out himself as being the exact sort of person women should be wary about being near. Nothing’s a red flag like a dude that gets all #notallmen when women’s experience is mentioned.

But as to the question posed in the headline of this piece: when will bros stop getting angry about a woman talking? The answer is simple.

When the majority of men are finally brave enough to take responsibility for the dark side of masculinity – especially the violence that men mete out to women, to other men and to themselves – that this sort of cowardly, pathetic complaining will stop.

And that day cannot come soon enough.

If you’re experiencing crisis, contact Lifeline on 131 114 or;  or BeyondBlue on 1300 224 636 or 

National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line: 1800 737 732

Congratulate Scott Morrison On His $11k Pay Bump While Our Lowest Paid Get A Pay Cut

How good are annual baked in non-performance-dependent pay rises for politicians?

Scott Morrison’s had a great few weeks. He won an election no-one expected him to win, he got to meet the Queen and give her a book about horsies, and the Australian Federal Police raided a bunch of journalists while he was away and therefore got to not answer questions about it.

He also just got an $10,769 a year pay bump as of July 1, which is nice.

Now, to be fair, this pay bump was coming regardless because Australian parliamentarians get a pay increase according to the findings of the independent remuneration tribunal, who just announced a 2 per cent increase to all MPs’ pay as a little thank you from a grateful nation.

So everyone in parliament is getting a pay rise, which should really help them understand the struggles of Australians who haven’t had a meaningful increase in their pay for almost a decade now.

Especially those in the retail industry, who’ll be getting a pay cut on July 1 because… um, they have it too good, we assume?

Maybe you should just be more like Winx!

That’s an estimated 700,000 people whose take-home pay will be reduced – but on the plus side, the 227 members of parliament will have more dosh and are presumably cool to make up the difference in the economy, right?

See, the economy is slowing and one of the big issues is that people aren’t spending enough. When people don’t spend then companies cut staff, which leaves fewer people with wages to spend, which leads to further cuts. If it goes on for long enough it becomes a vicious circle.

Hoooooo boy. That… that ain’t good.

And thus there’s an argument that the best thing to do would be to force up the wages at the bottom where a) the largest number of people are and b) people are most likely to spend the money they have – especially if they haven’t had enough for a while and have put off buying things like, say, winter coats and new shoes and other retail things that might support that high-employing sector.

Or there’s the other argument, which is nah don’t do that something something high income tax cuts something trickle down.

Anyway, Scozza, congrats on the pay rise. You’re finally getting a go for having a go.

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