Sam Heughan Got Rejected, But He's Still Gunning For That James Bond Gig

The Bond is strong.

When Sam Heughan isn’t on Outlander, he’s auditioning for James Bond. We all know Scottish hunk Sam Heughan as the gorgeous Jamie Fraser on Outlander, but it turns out he’s always wanted to don shiny leather shoes, a black tuxedo and sip on a drink that’s shaken not stirred. 

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In an interview with a British morning show, Sam Heughan discussed what it was like auditioning for James Bond and how he wants in on the part again. Sam Heughan auditioned for the role of 007 back when the James Bond crew were looking for an update from Piece Brosman in the early ‘00s. 

“I auditioned for it back when they were doing Bond 21 when Daniel Craig was cast… I think a lot of actors were seen in the U.K.” Sam Heughan said, referring to the fact that Henry Cavill and Goran Visnjic were also considered for the role.  

Sam Heughan also told This Morning that it’s his dream to play Bond, saying:  “Obviously it’s a dream for every actor.” He also followed that up by joking, “A Scottish Bond? Who doesn’t want to see another Scottish Bond?”

Sam Heughan is, of course, referring to Sean Connery who became the first-ever actor to portray James Bond in 1962’s Dr. No. As you know, Sam Heughan lost out to Daniel Craig who went on to play James Bond in five movies over the past 15 years: Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre (2015), and the to-be-released, No Time to Die (2020).

But, after the Billie-Eilish assisted No Time to Die drops later this year, the family behind the Bond franchise will no doubt be on the hunt to find a replacement. And given Sam Heughan thinks he’s still young enough to play the movie spy, we can definitely expect an audition from him. We wish him the best of luck.

In the past few years, the Bond rumour mill has been churning out ideas of a female Bond or a person of colour Bond, all-of-which have seen much controversy on conservative twitter. It’ll be interesting to see if the franchise does decide to take the image of Bond away from a cis, straight, white man and give it to someone who perhaps isn’t as privileged in Hollywood already. Only time will tell.

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Everything You Need To Know About The 'Star Wars: Squadrons' Game

It’s coming to our galaxy this October.

If you were hoping for another Star Wars game to play during COVID-19 isolation, have no fear, Squadrons is coming. EA has announced a new first-person space combat game that’ll have players driving all the iconic Star Wars ships of years past and we certainly can not wait. 

We spoke about Star Wars on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

Now, we know you’ve already finished Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and the LEGO instalment of The Force Awakens and are eager to take on a new adventure, so here’s everything we know about the upcoming game.

In Star Wars: Squadrons, players will be able to fly the X-Wing, A-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing, TIE Fighter, TIE Interceptor, TIE Bomber, and TIE Reaper fighters, so that’s exciting. The game will also allow players to play in single-player mode and also participate in multiplayer battles including a mode called “Fleet Battles,” where the aim of the game is to work in teams to destroy a capital ship. The game is developed by Motive Montreal, who previously contributed to both Battlefront II and Anthem, so you know this game is going to be made well. 

EA won’t be revealing any of the actual gameplay until the company’s EA Play Live event on June 18th. But in the meantime, EA have detailed what the gameplay will be like on their website and the trailer does give us a good look at what we can come to expect from the game. You can check out the trailer here.

As for the console’s it’ll be available on, it has been announced that Star Wars: Squadrons will be available to purchase on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Interestingly, Star Wars: Squadrons, will support cross-platform gameplay, allowing multiplayer games to work across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Star Wars: Squadrons will also be compatible with VR headsets.

There is no word yet on whether this means the game will also drop on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X when those consoles drop. Ultimately, we’re just sad for the Switch users. 

Star Wars: Squadrons is dropping on the 2nd of October this year for $39.99 USD.

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‘Love Life’ Is Getting Another Run But Anna Kendrick Has Been Dumped

Binged the first season?

Aside from the reality juggernauts, there were only a few shows which dominated our COVID-19 iso-viewing sessions. There was the intensely romantic Normal People, the revisionist drama Hollywood and of course, the wholesome Love Life. 

We spoke about ‘Hollywood’ on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

At the tail end of last week, Stan dropped the final four episodes of season one of Love Life, which saw (warning, spoilers ahead) Anna Kendrick’s character Darby finally happy with herself and dating her soulmate Grant. 

And now that Darby has finally found her happy ending, it seems that the show are up for a round two, but with a totally new lead. Yes, you heard correctly, Love Life has been renewed for a second season but this time, it will focus on a new character’s journey. 

To all the fans of the Oscar-nominated actress, Anna Kendrick, don’t worry, Darby will appear – just significantly less so. The new season will also cleverly key off characters in season one, bringing a breath of fresh air to the show. 

Honestly, we’re so excited. In a way, the format of Love Life season two is similar to that of a reality show or a sports game, because we know what’s going to come, but we’re excited to see the new protagonist do it.

Oh, and did we mention, season two will stay set in New York City. Thank God because we need our travel inspo to stay closeby until international flights to the States open back up again. 

According to Stan, season two will “explore what happens when you’ve lived your whole life knowing who your soulmate is, only to find out years into a marriage that it’s not the right fit at all.” Big yikes. 

According to Anna Kendrick, “It’s been a labour of love working with everyone on Love Life and all who helped shaped Darby and brought her story to life. I am excited to be able to collaborate again with the team on a new character and their journey.” Anna Kendrick not only played the lead in this series but also executive produced the show. 

In addition to Anna Kendrick, this show had some incredible people backing it. Love Life is also executive produced by Paul Feig (the director of Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters and Spy) and the co-showrunner is Bridget Bedard who worked on the critically acclaimed Transparent.

There’s no exact date for when the second season will drop, but you best believe we’re excited.

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