Melissa Leong Claps Back At Claims 'Masterchef' Is Proof Australia Isn't Racist

11/10 clap back.

There’s no doubt that this season of Masterchef has done a lot for diversity on Australian TV, but Melissa Leong has the perfect clap back for an MP who claimed the country isn’t racist because the show simply exists. Melissa Leong claimed that Australia is “very far from where we need to be,” responding to comments that Immigration Minister Alan Tudge made. 

We spoke about this season of Masterchef on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

When asked about China’s claims that Australia is unsafe for international students to study because of racism, Alan Tudge responded by pointing to Masterchef, illuminating that the show has people of Asian descent (including judge Melissa Leong) as a reason to debunk China’s claims. 

On Sky News, Alan Tudge said, “When you look at pop culture, some of the most successful and popular people have got a more diverse background. Such as on Masterchef at the moment, which is the most popular TV show, where one of the judges is Chinese, has an ethnic Chinese background, and many of the contestants, who are hugely popular.” 

Yeah, look, probably not the best response to a question about racism in Australia and clearly Melissa Leong agrees. 

In her interview with, Masterchef’s Melissa Leong said, “While I am proud to play a small part in the changing face of diversity and inclusivity in Australian media, let me be clear in saying that we are so very far from where we need to be…” 

Masterchef’s Melissa Leong continued, calling for better representation of Indigenous Australians, the LGBTQIA+ community and the differently-abled, saying: “Whether it’s our ancient indigenous heritage or more recent multicultural contribution, representation of the differently-abled, or those who are fighting to be accepted for how they identify or loving who they love, it is clear that we all need and deserve to feel seen and be heard. It is my hope in these difficult times that we can and will bring about lasting and positive change in this regard.”

Well said Melissa Leong, Well said. This season of Masterchef has been praised for its diversity in showcasing ethnic and queer personalities in its prime-time slot, as it should be. For more on Melissa Leong, make sure you check out our rundown of why Australia needs her.

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We Blinked And Missed These Hilarious Fashion Crimes In 'Gossip Girl'

Like the extra who just forgot to wear shoes?

Hey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here and she’s about to give you a history lesson in crimes against fashion.

Speaking of iconic fashion, we spoke about Netflix’s ‘Hollywood’ on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

Whether its because we were only passively watching the show or because we were simply hooked on the storyline, our memory of Gossip Girl is hazy.

As a result, Gossip Girl has become the perfect isolation-binge and has seen audiences around the world give it a revisit. But, with this Gossip Girl revisit, comes a lot of imperfections rising to the surface, including fashion crimes. Look, nothing is perfect, but we’re wondering how these missed our attention in the first place because oh boy, they were bad. Let’s dive in. 

The Time Cinderella Was An Extra In Gossip Girl

We have to thank TikTok for resurfacing this one. With over 170k views in a matter of days, this viral video captioned “Someone messed up” completely outed the costume department in Gossip Girl for not doing their job properly. For this moment, we’re casting your mind back to Season 5, Episode 3.

Credit: CBS Television Distribution, Netflix

Remember in ‘Jewel of Denial’, when Blair Waldorf and Dan Humphrey arrived at a party in each other’s arms? Yeah, we do too. But, you probably don’t remember the background extra who was standing on one shoe at the time. Yep, somebody alert security because Cinderella just walked on set and casually stood in the background of this scene. Allow us to refresh your memory. 

Credit: CBS Television Distribution, Netflix

We’re honestly shocked that this somehow made it to screen, but we’re as shocked that we didn’t notice it the first time around!

The Time Serena Had A Lunch At 1pm And The Gym At 2pm

For this wardrobe mishap, we’re taking you back to Season six, episode four. In ‘Portrait of a Lady Alexander,’ Serena van der Woodsen is out to lunch being her fashionable self. Rocking a coral dress, this style icon was serving looks up until the end of the scene. While she was donning a dress for most of the scene, one quick cut outs the actress as subtly wearing sweatpants on set. Was it cold on the day? Must’ve been. Check out the clip for yourself. 

The Time Chuck Had A Basketball Photoshoot To Get To

Credit: CBS Television Distribution, Netflix

We’re not really sure what on earth Chuck was thinking, but we have to bring you attention back to the fourth episode of Season one. As Chuck flexed his basketball playing attire, we have to question if the character even knew what the game was? Props must be given to him for his colour co-ordination, but the headband? The crown print? The 5/8ths shorts? Please, someone, make it stop. 

The Time The Gossip Girl Squad Tried To Make A Loose Tie A Thing

Credit: CBS Television Distribution, Netflix

It’s not a thing. Avril Lavigne did it way back in 2003 as a statement of being punk rock, but that wasn’t an invitation for the Gossip Girl costume department to take it on themselves to elevate the concept. We’re going to let it slide because we assume that this was a take on making school uniform chic, but honestly, these fell flat! 

Hilarious iso-entertainment if you ask us. For more on Gossip Girl that isn’t fashion crime-related, make sure you check out our coverage of the reboot.

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Isn't The Internet Getting A Little Tired Of Hating On Poh From 'Masterchef'?

Fans are still trolling her in the top 10.

How can you not like Poh from Masterchef?

When Masterchef announced it’s All-Stars Back To Win series, the Internet wasted no time resurfacing the shows fan favourites. Before the season even began, the buzz was circulating online with Reynold fan clubs, Jess fan clubs and Khanh fan clubs popping up left right and centre. But, having said that, no one kicked off this season with a stronger backing than Poh. 

Poh Ling Yeow’s relationship with Aussie audiences goes way back to 2009 with Season 1 of Masterchef Australia. After losing to Julie Goodwin, Poh solidified herself as an underdog that the nation could root for. In the years following, Poh has had her own show on ABC and SBS, not to mention her multiple TV appearances. So, when it was announced that this star would be returning to the prime-time slot, audiences were hooked. 

We spoke about the season premiere of ‘Masterchef: Back To Win’ on this episode of It’s Been A Big Day For…

That anticipation lasted for about a week until the Poh haters started to pop up online. Many Twitter users, who perhaps only got into Masterchef post-Season one, were questioning why Poh had so much traction. And to be fair, they have a point. 

Like all reality shows, Masterchef grew with its audience to reach a level of quality previously unseen. As the seasons went on, the food got better, the standard became higher and the pressure became more intense. So, for Poh, to enter the game with contestants who were not only super talented but knew this revised format all too well, Poh was trouble, to say the least. 

But, surprisingly or unsurprisingly, Poh has held her own throughout the Masterchef competition. We’ve now entered the Top 10 of this season and Poh has impressed not only the judges but audiences around Australia with how much she has elevated her cooking. From a calm-persona to donning a wild and out-of-control persona, Poh has done it all on TV, and we can’t get enough of her. 

Serving up great dishes and award-winning GIFS.

So, to all the people that are hating on Poh and telling her that she deserves to be out of Masterchef next, just remember that Katy Perry picked her as her favourite and that’s the only opinion that matters at this point.

For more on Masterchef, make sure you check out our breakdown of the new and improved judges here.

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