Harrison Ford Doesn't Give A Crap About You Or Your Star Wars Questions

Don't bother asking.

Harrison Ford’s dislike of Star Wars is almost as famous as the character he portrays and it’s clear that questions about the big space franchise grinds his gears whenever they come up. However, that hasn’t stopped people from asking anyway even when he’s promoting other films, much to his chagrin.

Speaking of Star Wars, the GOAT team talk about all things Baby Yoda on ‘It’s Been A Big Day For…’ below:

During the press tour for The Call Of The Wild, a movie that’s not set in space or revolve around wars between stars, interviewers couldn’t help but bombard poor Harrison Ford with questions about Star Wars and “Force Ghosts”. Unsurprisingly, he responded with about as much enthusiasm as a dental patient.

When USA Today asked Harrison about his cameo appearance in Rise Of Skywalker and whether he was a Force Ghost or not, his reply reeked of someone who just wants it all to be over and done with ASAP:

“A Force ghost? I don’t know what a Force ghost.

“Don’t tell anyone. I’m not talking loud enough for your recorder. I have no (expletive) idea what a Force ghost is. And I don’t care!”

Hey, if I were Harrison Ford, I would be sick of all the Star Wars questions too after being asked about the damn franchise by over-zealous fans for over 40 years, especially when all I want to do is promote The Call Of The Wild (aka the film I’m in right now).

But this sort of antagonistic approach towards Star Wars questions may have backfired on Ford as he’s made his “IDGAF about the big space movie” attitude something of a schtick and everyone is sort of expecting a grumpy answer at this point.

It’s gotten to the point where Star Wars fans ask Harrison Ford questions about the franchise just to have him tell them to eff off. It’s actually supremely entertaining to be honest and his “I’m so done” attitude is parsecs better than any serious answer to whatever fan debate or Han Solo query people may have.

So the moral of the story here is that Harrison Ford doesn’t care about you or your questions, but he really doesn’t care if those questions are about Star Wars so stop asking him (even though we all know people won’t).

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Hold Up, What Was Actual Emotion Doing In A Movie Like 'Sonic The Hedgehog'?

So confused right now.

SPOILERS AHEAD for Sonic The Hedgehog, you’ve been warned, video game movie fans!

It’s no secret that video game movies haven’t exactly been great, or even managed to cross into “good” territory. Well I’m sorry to say Sonic The Hedgehog definitely won’t change that anytime soon, no matter how badly some fans want it to.

But while Sonic may be pretty meh on almost every count, it does have one surprising element that sets it apart from nearly every other video game movie that’s come before it: genuine, heart-tugging emotion.

Speaking of emotions, the GOAT team dive into the fuss of Valentine’s Day on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

The opening 10 or so minutes of Sonic The Hedgehog feel like it was taken from a completely different movie. We’re introduced to the Blue Blur as an adorable little hedgehog living on a planet and being taken care of by a wise owl, Longclaw.

Since this is a new retelling of Sonic the Hedgehog, he is given the cliched “dark origin story” in which Longclaw dies trying to defend Sonic from kidnappers trying to capture him for his supersonic powers (which he was told to conceal by Longclaw, making Sonic somewhat responsible for her death) and the Blue Blur is sent to Earth all on his own.

For a kid’s film featuring a main character so adorable he can give Baby Yoda a run for its money, that is dark.

However, things get taken even further during Sonic’s time Earth. We see him getting up to shenanigans and doing random things to keep himself entertained, but it is quickly shown that despite his happy-go-lucky, living-his-best-life demeanour, the Blue Blur is quite lonely.

While he attempts to interact with James Marsden’s character, Sonic ends up just observing him from afar and forming some sort of weird, possessive relationship. In fact, it’s almost a retelling of Frankenstein’s Monster’s story after he was created; he secretly lives among a human family, forming a bond and learning from them, yet never actually making any contact due to fear of how they’ll react if he revealed himself.

After another night of observing Tom, Sonic ends up playing some baseball on his own and comes to the realisation that not only is he alone, but he’s the only one of his kind on Earth.

However, just as soon as we get this big character moment from Sonic, he ultimately sets off a chain of events that kickstarts the plot and brings him into contact with Tom and Jim Carrey’s Dr. Robotnik, and the movie quickly goes downhill from there.

But those initial 10 or so minutes of Sonic The Hedgehog though! It wasn’t the greatest portrayal of loneliness ever seen on film, but there was genuine emotion in those scenes. I actually felt for Sonic when he realised just how lonely he was on Earth and was surprised that a movie like this could pack such a punch from nowhere.

So when the movie quickly descends into a fustercluck of explosions, muddled character moments and just general meh-ness, it left me wondering one thing: why on earth was there actual emotion in a dumb movie like Sonic The Hedgehog?

It was weird and the tonal shift from initial emotional moments to the subsequent zany bits was like getting whiplash after Sonic had just run into you at top speed. It’s almost a damn shame that Sonic The Hedgehog couldn’t keep up with the momentum of those first 10 minutes because there was actually something there that could’ve broke the video game movie curse.

If you’re on the fence about seeing Sonic The Hedgehog, know that you’ll get at least one actual quality moment before it all quickly crumbles in a mess of blue fur.

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Hopper's Fate In 'Stranger Things' Has Been In Front Of Us This Whole Time

All the clues were there.

So in case you’ve missed it, it turns out Hopper didn’t die at the end of Stranger Things 3 and is in Russia. Who would’ve guessed that?

Thanks to a surprise teaser for Stranger Things 4 titled ‘From Russia with love…’, it turns out he’s alive and well. That is, if you count being forced into doing slave labour in snowy Russia by evil Russians as “well”, but hey at least he’s still alive and not dead.

Speaking of love (from Russia or otherwise), the GOAT team talk about Valentine’s Day on It’s Been A Big Day For… below:

Now that this massive Stranger Things cliffhanger has been solved well ahead of the show’s season four release, we’re all left with one big question: How the hell did Hopper survive?

With the benefit of hindsight, the ability to rewatch Stranger Things frame-by-frame, and the might of internet sleuths around the world (who have already started diving into season four), it seems like the clues to Hopper’s survival were in front of us this whole time.

Going back to the moments before the Upside Down portal machine explodes at the climax of Stranger Things 3, you may recall Hopper overcoming a bunch of evil Russians before realising his fate. He gives a bittersweet smile to Joyce and the machine explodes, seemingly killing him.

However, the biggest initial clue that Hopper may not have died was in the aftermath of the explosion. When the machine had previously killed people, it rendered them into puddles of mush. Yet there was no such mush puddle of Hopper or any sign of him at all, which suggests he might’ve escaped of something. But where would he might’ve escaped to on such short notice?

Well an eagle-eyed Stranger Things fan caught a glimpse of a very plausible escape route for Hopper just before the machine to the Upside Down exploded. Talk about chaos literally being a ladder.

Credit: tierfonyellowaces/Reddit

Okay, so Stranger Things has established how Hopper could’ve survived but how did he end up in Russia? Well there are two possibilities.

The first one could be as simple as Hopper surviving the explosion, the Russians found him in the rubble and decided to ship him back to the motherland to work on their railroads.

The second possibility is a little more wild but also plausible. Hopper could’ve got himself sucked into the Upside Down by the machine before it exploded. Since the Russians were doing all sorts of experiments with gates to the Upside Down, they could’ve stumbled across Hopper in there and captured him.

Now we won’t know if this is indeed the way Hopper survived until Stranger Things 4 drops…whenever it drops so we’ll have to wait and see. Here’s hoping they actually craft a good explanation and not do something annoyingly crappy, like explaining-but-not-explaining how Sherlock Holmes survived his fatal fall in season two of Sherlock.

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