Adam Sandler Is Actually A Great Dramatic Actor, Seriously

Adam Sandler, Oscar winner. Has a weirdly nice ring to it.

Of all the things you’ll probably never expect to see or read, Adam Sandler winning a Best Actor Oscar statuette for a dramatic performance will probably rank high up on that list. And yet, he could very well do just that after turning in what critics have deemed as the best work of his career in Uncut Gems.

Speaking of big Hollywood awards…

When people talk about Adam Sandler, the most common thing he’s associated with are his low-brow comedies of the 90s and 2000s. The Happy Gilmores, the Billy Madisons, the Grown-Ups’ and what have you. While those films range from pretty okay to downright awful (looking at you Grown-Ups and The Ridiculous 6), they’re all wildly successful at the box-office or whatever streaming service they’re on.

And yet in between all the lazy laughs and cringeworthy groans he’s delivered over the years, he’s also managed to show people that he’s also a great – and criminally under-watched – dramatic actor.

When film critics talk about Adam Sandler, they skip past all the comedic stuff and rave about his weirdly shallow pool of auteur-driven work and how he’s weirdly one of the most gifted and flexible actors around.

Give the man an Oscar now.

Of the dozens of films he’s made, Sandler has only done six that could be classified as a drama – 2002’s Punch Drunk Love, 2004’s Spanglish, 2007’s Reign Over Me, 2009’s Funny People, 2017’s The Meyerowitz Stories, and 2019’s Uncut Gems.

And yet in just those five movies, he’s shown a surprising amount of dramatic range for a bloke who’s best known as an obnoxiously loud comedy bro. It seems like when he really wants to, Sandler can channel that loud and brash comedic energy into some great emotional stuff.

In Punch Drunk Love, he plays a soft-spoken man who has severe anxiety and suffers from emotional abuse from his overbearing sisters; Reign Over Me sees him play a man suffering from grief after losing his family on 9/11; Funny People features him as a dying stand-up comedian; and Uncut Gems has him playing a seedy yet smooth-talking thief who gradually loses it.

Even when his drama movies don’t quite work, Sandler is usually the best part of them, which speaks to the underappreciated acting flair he brings to the screen. It’s almost a shame that he does movies like Grown Ups due to the massive paycheck because the world could do with more Adam Sandler dramas.

If Adam Sandler does end up winning the Best Actor Oscar statuette for Uncut Gems, it would fittingly be the greatest pay-off to the three decade-long joke that’s been his rollercoaster career.

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May 2021 Is Going To Be A Keanu Reeves Vs. Keanu Reeves Showdown

From henceforth, May 21 shall be forever known as ‘Keanu Reeves-mas’.

2019 has seen Keanu Reeves graduate from immortal cult action hero to his long-overdue status as the internet’s boyfriend. But it seems like that was just the opening act because a Keanu wave of epic proportions is going to hit us on May 21, 2021.

Speaking of Keanu Reeves-related simulations in the Matrix…

According to Variety, Warner Bros. has scheduled The Matrix 4 to open on May 21, 2021, which is actually sooner than we expected TBH. That’s not really a big deal as it’s a pretty common release date for most big blockbusters… except for the fact that John Wick 4 is also scheduled for release on that exact same day.

So not only will we get a double-dose of Keanu Reeves on May 21, 2021, we’re going to see an epic showdown between John Wick and Neo (albeit in a bit of a roundabout way) at the expense of the long-gestating Flash movie (which is now set for a July 1, 2022 release) and Taika Waititi’s live-action Akira film (which got knocked off the release schedule altogether via a pencil to the head).

But as wildly fitting and epic as a John Wick 4 and The Matrix 4 showdown would be, don’t have that set in stone just yet. Studios have a habit of setting release dates for its films well ahead of time and it’s likely one of these movies will eventually move because it benefits no one to have John Wick and Neo eating into each other’s box office profits.

But let’s jump the gun anyway and deem May 21 to be known as ‘Keanu Reeves-mas’ from henceforth because the impact John Wick and Neo going head-to-head on that date will be felt among the Keanu Reeves fandom for generations to come.

And if John Wick 4 and/or The Matrix 4 do end up cancelling on that May 21, 2021 date, well it’ll still be special for no other reason than to celebrate Keanu Reeves because it’s what he deserves.

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Pornhub’s End-Of-Year Wrap Proves That Gamers Are Multi-Tasking Fap Masters

Never touching another person's controller ever again.

If YouTube’s end-of-year wrap-up was anything to go by, 2019 has been a hell of a weird and wild year. But those stats pale in comparison to the 2019 year-in-review insights dropped by Pornhub.

Every year the porn streaming giant drops its load and a heap of stats detailing what everyone around the world has been fapping to, when they’re doing it and what’s been tickling people’s fancy over the past 12 months.

While 2019 has been quite insightful, there are two big stats that pop out: gamers and Australia.

Speaking of crazy 2019 wrap ups…

It’s not that surprising that there’s a large crossover between folks who are gamers and folks who jerk it to porn. What’s surprising is the breakdown of the numbers in terms of what is the most popular console to watch Pornhub content on.

Apparently 51.5 percent of people really like fapping off to Pornhub content on PlayStation, followed by 34.7 percent on Xbox. But the most eye-catching stats are the 9.1 percent of users on PlayStation Vita and the 0.4 percent on Nintendo 3DS

It’s great that the PlayStation Vita is finally getting some love (literally) after years of being shafted by the 3DS, but watching porn on these two devices raises some questions.

Not only are both consoles handhelds, which makes the logistics pretty difficult compared to a PC or TV, they’re both nearly a decade old which means the video quality will be pretty dodgy, which doesn’t exactly make for a good fapping session.

Having said that, kudos to those managing to crank it to pixellated Pornhub videos on their Vita and 3DS because that deserves some respect.

Now Pornhub hasn’t revealed the exact number of gamers and people who are jacking it to their gaming console so it could be millions or it could literally be 17 people. But hey, these are insights and boy are they insightful.

Moving on from gamers to Australia, Pornhub says we’re no more or less hornier in 2019 than we were in 2018 (Australia is still ranked 9th in the world in terms of the top 20 countries by traffic), nor has our obsession with lesbian porn dimmed.

Having said that, it seems like folks Down Under have developed a bit of yellow fever as “hentai” rose up two spots to rank as the second most-searched Pornhub term while “chinese” jumped a whopping 74 spots into the no.8 spot.

It’s not just men though as Pornhub says Australian women were 107 percent more likely to watch “Asian” porn videos compared to the rest of the world.

But it’s not all just about cranking it to hentai lesbian videos on Pornhub for Aussies. Australia Day caused a big 16 percent drop in worldwide traffic, which shows that folks have more things to do than jerking off.

Please wash you hands, Australia. Credit: Pornhub.

So it seems like the big takeaways from Pornhub’s 2019 year in review is “don’t ever touch another person’s PlayStation controller or Vita again” and “Australia is still horny AF.”

There are many, many more insightful gems in Pornhub’s 2019 year in review that we couldn’t fit in this article so check them out here if you want.

Happy reading and fapping, y’all!

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