With John Legend EGOTing, Pickle Rick's Gong And Some Big Wins For Representation, The Creative Arts Emmys Actually Ruled This Year

Also important: Queer Eye won!

The Emmys are weird, in a few significant ways. They seem to really like Jim Parsons’ performance as Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, for one example.


But also, they split their awards night into two presentations. The televised section, where the “big”, “important” (read: more popular) awards are handed out, and last night’s “Creative Arts” Emmys.

Personally, I don’t like it, because everyone who wins deserves the same chance to be shown on a big, international stage. But I do get that if they did have everyone awarded on the same night, the show would go for about two weeks. Which is also the average running time of an Oscars broadcast.

Nevertheless, some significant awards were handed out last night. Here are some of the bigger highlights from the night’s proceedings.

John Legend gets the EGOT

It happened. John Legend lived up to his namesak, becoming the fourteenth person to be an EGOT, thanks to executive producing the television special version of musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

GLOW‘s stunt coordinator becomes the first woman to win in her category

What we imagine Shauna Duggins is doing now.

It makes sense that GLOW, a show about hard-working, complex women doing sick wrestling stunts, has a woman as their stunt coordinator, Shauna Duggins. However, it’s surprising that she’s the first woman ever to win the award category.

Women have been nominated previously (including Shauna herself, for her work on the show Alias), but her win is a milestone for a field often dominated by men.

POCs sweep the Guest Actor categories

As Hollywood continues to grapple with issues of diversity and representation, it’s heartening to see another step in the right direction. In this case: all four of the Guest Actor awards went to black actors: Tiffany Haddish for Saturday Night Live, Ron Cephas Jones for This Is Us, Samira Wiley for the Handmaid’s Tale, and Katt Williams for Atlanta.

Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown cleaned up

As well as honouring the late Anthony Bourdain, the Emmys also spoiled his show Parts Unknown with five awards. Longtime collaborator Lydia Tenaglia, upon receiving one of the awards, said that Bourdain is, “…off on a journey to parts unknown. We wish we could be there to shoot that journey with him. I think he would have written the hell out of that episode.”

The Queer Eye reboot got three statues

Just check this picture of Tan with one of their Emmy statues. You’re welcome.

An Emmy For Megan didn’t get an Emmy

Writer, comedian, and good tweeter Megan Amram did not win an Emmy for her web series called An Emmy For Megan., and we’re shocked and angered by this news. I mean, what the hell, Television Academy? It’s right there in the title! GIVE MEGAN THE EMMY!

Emmy Award winner Pickle Rick

If aliens ever invaded earth, how the hell would we explain the sequence of words “Emmy award winner Pickle Rick” to them? Yes, it was a great episode, and it certainly deserved the win over the other fare that was nominated for the Best Animated Show category.

But really, this is one of the most subversive award wins since that time Suicide Squad won an Oscar.

All The Big Stories And Snubs To Come Out Of This Mornings’ Emmy Nominations

From Sandra Oh making history to The Good Place being snubbed.

This year’s nominees for the Emmy Awards were revealed. While many of the usual suspects are there – Game of Thrones, Atlanta, The Handmaid’s Tale, Silicon Valley, et al. – there have also been some big snubs and shocks amongst the huge list of nominees.

You can check the full list here. But for the sake of brevity, we’ve summed up seven of the biggest news stories to come out of the nominations.

Netflix is now officially the biggest TV network in the world, if you didn’t already know that

Making all those binge-able shows has paid off.

Arguably the biggest news story is how streaming service Netflix is the network with the single most Emmy nominations this year, with a whopping 112 nominations. Not only does it ends the 17-year domination of HBO over the Emmys, but it makes concrete what many have known for years: that streaming is the future and it’s here to stay.

Killing Eve’s Sandra Oh makes history

With her nomination for Lead Actress in a Drama, Sandra Oh becomes the first person of Asian descent to be nominated for the award. She leads a field that is packed with people of colour, between shows like Black-ish and Atlanta, and actresses like Issa Rae and Letitia Wright.

Megan Amram got nominated after literally begging for it

The comedy writer, known for her work on Parks and Recreation and The Good Place, made a web series called An Emmy For Megan, a very subtle appeal to the Television Academy. And it worked! Getting her a nod in the Best Web Series category.

Jonathan Van Ness absolutely lost it over his nomination

While the much-loved Queer Eye reboot was nominated for four Emmys, grooming specialist Jonathan was also nominated for his Game of Thrones recap series Gay Of Thrones. And to say he is chuffed about it is an understatement.


The Good Place got some major forkin’ snubs

All The Good Place fans this morning.

One of the best comedies on TV today, The Good Place, was left off a load of major award nominations, including Outstanding Comedy and Writing nominations.

The silver lining is Ted Danson, who received a nod for his role as demon Michael in the Best Lead Actor category.


Bojack Horseman got snubbed for Best Animation

Same, Bojack, same

The beautiful, dark comedy about the washed-up horse actor missed out on Best Animation, while The Simpsons (which hasn’t been good in over a decade) and Rick and Morty (insert your own Pickle Rick joke here) did.

Modern Family finally stopped getting nominated

For the first time since it premiered, Modern Family hasn’t been nominated for Best Comedy Series. Which, well, fair: there are far better shows on TV now.

World’s Most Likeable Man John Legend One Emmy Away From Getting The Coveted EGOT

He's been nominated for producing the live TV version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Singer, songwriter, husband of Chrissy Teigan, and all-round good bloke John Legend is within reach of completing one of the most coveted feats in Hollywood: The EGOT.

An EGOT is when you win the four biggest American awards in each performing arts industry: an Emmy for television, a Grammy for music, an Oscar for film and a Tony for theatre.

Legend, who already has an Oscar, Grammy, and Tony, was nominated this morning for two Emmys: for producing and starring in the Live television production of Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Lloyd Webber is also up for an EGOT, but frankly, he wrote Cats, so the less said about him the better.

The horror.

As expected, Chrissy Teigen celebrated the news by lamenting how her husband seems to always overshadow her own achievements.

However, no-one seems as thrilled about the potential EGOT as Chrissy’s dad.

Goddamn, I love this family.

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