What Uni Degrees Will Land You The Top Jobs Overseas?

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At some point in your youth, you’re probably going to ask yourself: am I really going to live in Australia… forever?

The more gung-ho and financially stable of us often head down the easy route: university exchange. But the reality is that many of us just don’t have our lives together at the ripe age of 20 to afford such a trip.

So if you can’t pull off a uni exchange, don’t fret. Why not pick a degree that could land you a seriously sweet overseas gig? That way you can have your adventure while earning enough cash to get by.

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Here are some of the highest paying jobs around the world and the Aussie degrees that’ll kick-start you on the path to landing them. And no, none of them involves a course in how to be an influencer.

Keep in mind that there may be extra steps you need to take to ensure your Aussie qualification is recognised overseas. If you’re planning an international move, it’s best to conduct extensive research on the validity (or how you can validate) your Aussie degree in your chosen country. To do that, head to Just Landed.


Scandinavian countries are having a hot moment in the spotlight right now, and rightfully so: they’re home to quaint cities and unique architecture. The best part about ’em? They boast an amazing English education. In fact, this year Sweden ranked 2nd out of 80 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index.  Getting around as an Aussie should be easy.

If you’re interested in all things health and nutrition, perhaps Sweden could be the place where you start your career, post graduation. According to Salary Explorer, Dieticians in Sweden earn a v modest $202,500 AUD per year, on average. Checking out a bachelor’s degree in Health Science is a good place to start, but you’ll probably need to invest a little extra time in uni to get your accreditation as a dietician.

Health Science students, Sweden needs you
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If you’re into policy, why not head to Belgium after graduation? This country doesn’t just make amazing chocolate, it also pays their policy advisors a comfortable 4,205 euros per month on average, according to glassdoor. That adds up to a salary of about 81,100 AUD per year.

To get yourself onto this career path, you’ll have to undertake a bachelor’s degree in arts with a major in historical and political studies. However, to be successful in landing this sort of role, you’ll need to have a major interest in EU affairs and it’s best to be fluent in at least one of the country’s national languages: German or French. It’s common for many European students to study a masters after completing their degree. To remain a competitive candidate for the role, you’re best undertaking further study in the field of politics. This role would also be easier to obtain for an Australian citizen who also holds a passport from an EU country.


Bali is old news. It feels like Japan has taken its place as the hit travel destination for Aussies. Japan will allow you to live your best ski life and, if you’re interested in a degree in IT, then Japan is the place to flock post graduation. Many IT jobs don’t require an extensive amount of speaking or reading, so looking for a job in the field as an English speaker is do-able.

A gig in web design will have you sitting pretty and earning around $84,310 AUD a year according to career cross. 


If you’re into engineering, Germany is the place for you after graduation. Engineering professionals in Germany get paid seriously well. According to Y Axis the average salary is around $105,250 AUD.

So if you’d like to pursue a degree in the field, why not explore internships or graduate positions in this beloved beer country? Germans are known for their English speaking skills so language should pose little of an issue. Also, if pretzels and beer don’t win your heart, perhaps the fact that it’s bike-friendly, has amazing nightlife and is located in the heart of Europe, will. 

Every day could be pretzel day for an engineer

The US

Lovers of commerce, flock to the US. According to Consumer News And Business Channel, marketing professionals get paid pretty darn well in the US. The mean salary for a marketing manager is a humble $ 216,900 AUD. Our mouths are also agape.

With a figure that massive, you could consider putting your degree to great use in the US. Undergrads listen up: it’s totally feasible to study a commerce undergrad in Australia with a major in marketing. Bonuses for kick-starting your career in the US? No language barriers, locals adore the accent and, on weekends, you’ll be able to catch domestic flights to amazing cities. New York anyone?

These salaries are so saucy they’ve got us wanting to go back to uni just for the hell of it. Undergrads, choose your degree wisely and keep in mind that it could lead you to amazing places and even sweeter pay checks.