The Most Important Thing To Pack Before You Head Overseas Is Your Uni Degree

Make the most of your travel bug with book smarts.

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If you missed out on having a gap year between high school and uni, or you’re not one of the lucky students to go abroad on exchange or study tours, then the next best thing is to get all that globetrotting out of your system after you graduate. And that nice new uni degree can open up a whole world of opportunities for you.

At 18, you’re more likely to be clinging to the arm of a Contiki tour guide than managing design projects for the world’s most iconic brands, but after Edith Cowan University hands you that coveted parchment you’ll be itching to flex your new skills on a global scale.

So if you’re not quite ready to commit to a new life in another country, but the travel bug is still biting, what can you do with your brand new degree to keep both your wallet and resume full?

English as a second language teacher

Whether you’re heading into one of ECU’s teaching degrees, or any of their range of communications courses, your proficiency with the written and spoken word will take you anywhere. Some countries, like Korea and Dubai, require a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching at a minimum, but others, like Brazil and China are more chill about your qualifications. As one of the most influential of the world languages, there’ll always be keen students needing tutors outside of the classroom too.

Ambassador for a non-profit

You might not be rolling in cash with this one, but your job satisfaction will be through the roof. International charities and activist groups are always looking for people with skills in communication, leadership, and organisation to lead projects overseas, and your degree is guaranteed to make you pretty darn desirable in the thick of the Bolivian jungle. Group work gives you survival skills that even Bear Grylls would be jealous of.

Environmental consultant

Did you know that ECU has a degree in environmental management? Now you do. More and more countries are tightening up their environmental protection regulations, making consultants desirable for transnational corporations looking to expand their operations. Now more than ever, the world needs heroes like you! Go take up the war on waste.

Regardless of what you choose to study at uni, the experiences you have there will have you flourishing as a global citizen. Not all the lessons you learn are discipline specific, after all – everything in life is easier once you’ve mastered team management.