Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist's Courageous Domestic Violence Story Needs Our Attention

"I am a survivor of domestic violence."

WARNING: This story discusses domestic violence.

In an emotional 14-minute video posted onto her Instagram, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has spoken up about domestic violence and her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse.

Declaring from the onset, “I am a survivor of domestic violence, or IPV, intimate partner violence,” Melissa, 31, proceeds to give a courageous speech describing her harrowing experience. Having met her alleged perpetrator during a vulnerable time in her life, the Supergirl star says their relationship felt like a “railway freight train.”

Describing her alleged abuser as “charming, funny, manipulative [and] devious,” Melissa says her abuse began with emotional manipulation and her partner was often jealous whenever other men paid attention to her. He would look at her devices, ask her to change clothes whenever others paid attention to her, and got angry whenever she filmed romantic scenes on Supergirl or her other projects.

This pattern of behaviour and domestic violence eventually resulted in Melissa “turning down auditions, job offers, test deals and friendships, because [she] didn’t want to hurt him.”

She goes on to describe the first instance of physical violence, which occurred five months in their relationship and involved her alleged abuser allegedly throwing a smoothie at her face. This was just the first of a number of incidents that followed a pattern in which her alleged abuser would put her in a bathtub, turn the faucet on, leave the room, and then later return to apologise.

Melissa says she stayed because “Deep down [she] never believed he would change, [she] just fooled myself into thinking [she] could help him” and describes how she ended up becoming violent in order to defend herself, saying “I changed and I’m not proud of how I changed.”

The Supergirl star says a turning point came when her alleged abuser allegedly threw a phone at her face and caused serious injury to her face and iris. She tried to cover up her injuries by attributing it to her clumsiness, but she soon managed to gather the courage to confide in a friend about her partner’s behaviour and the domestic violence she was experiencing, saying “The more people I let in, the more I was bolstered.”

The alleged abuser is never named and Melissa only describes him as being younger than her and “his immaturity obvious.” She was previously married to actor Blake Jenner, 27, for a year and is now married to actor Chris Wood, 31.

At the conclusion of her story, Melissa states how “none of this is salacious news” and she wanted to tell everyone about her experience because of how domestic violence and IPV are chronically underreported crimes, saying:

“I want those statistics to change, and I hope that telling my story will prevent more stories like this from happening.

“If you are enduring what I went through and you see this, you might be able to find the tiny straw that will break the camel’s back.”

Melissa Benoist is incredibly courageous in coming out with her story about being a domestic violence survivor and it deserves all our attention.

If you or someone you care about needs help, please call 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732.

We Should've Got David Hayter's 2003 Take Of Watchmen Instead Of Zack Snyder's

Jorah Mormont as Nite Owl = gold.

Between the 10th anniversary of Zack Snyder’s adaptation of Watchmen, the Doomsday Clock comic series, and Damon Lindelof’s continuation on HBO, we’ve been getting quite a lot of Watchmen content lately. Sensing that the train is running hot, David Hayter (writer of the first two X-Men films) decided to drop some never-before-seen test footage from his 2003 stab at the iconic comic book series.

And folks, it is some serious stuff.

Starring Iain Glen as Nite Owl and Ray Stevenson as Rorschach, the clip depicts the first conversation we see of the two characters. It’s only four minutes long and is clearly ripped from some ancient VHS that was left on a shelf for too long… and yet it is just awesome.

No disrespect to Patrick Wilson and Jackie Earle Haley, who played the hell out of Nite Owl and Rorschach respectively in Zack Snyder’s 2009 film adaptation, but Glen and Stevenson’s refined takes on the characters in David Hayter’s take just works better.

There’s a distinct pulpy feel to the proceedings but without any of that dreary grimdark flair Snyder likes to splash everything with. If those four minutes aren’t enough to make you wish for Hayter’s take on Watchmen over Snyder’s, then his follow-up tweets on what his movie might’ve been will change your mind.

The writer/director acknowledged Glen’s great performance and revealed that not only would his take have been set in modern times, Stevenson only came onboard when Daniel Craig “bailed” last minute.

But perhaps the most interesting Watchmen tidbit from Hayter was him wanting Denzel Washington for the role of Dr. Manhattan. If there was someone who could sell a glowing blue god who likes walking around naked while sprouting monologues about the folly of man, it’s definitely Denzel.

But as history tells us, David Hayter’s 2003 version of Watchmen never got off the ground and we wouldn’t get that long-awaited film adaptation until Zack Snyder came into the picture years later.

While it was an absolute shame to miss out what was shaping up to be a very interesting take on Watchmen, it seems like history is making up for it by giving us the HBO continuation, which has been stuffed full of great moments, like Laurie Blake’s giant blue dildo, Jeremy Irons playing a manic Adrian Veidt and the brilliant “remixed” origin story of Hooded Justice.

Move Over Henry Cavill, Michael B. Jordan Is The Superman We Want

Just do it, DC.

For all the success DC have had with its slate of superhero films, the one hero they’ve yet to successfully crack has been Superman. Henry Cavill may be visually perfect for the part but his films haven’t exactly set the world alight. Now word on the street is that another even more charismatic chap is being eyed for the role: Michael B. Jordan.


According to a big breakdown on the future of DC’s movie slate from Variety, the suits at Warner Bros. have been trying to figure out a way to make Superman palatable to fickle audiences these days and they’ve chatted to both J.J. Abrams (who signed a big deal with the studio) and Michael B. Jordan to help make it a reality.

The most interesting tidbit however is Jordan reportedly pitched the suits his “vision” for Superman. But despite interest from both parties, don’t expect Michael B. Jordan to be the new Man of Steel any time soon.

Variety reports that Jordan’s schedule is filled up with projects and filming on a Superman flick won’t happen for a few years so expect nothing sooner than a 2023 release at the earliest should he join the DC universe. It may a while away but this is only a good thing as it’ll allow the filmmakers to get the material into working shape before beginning production. We don’t want another Batman V Superman and Justice League situation here.

Good things come to those who wait (hopefully).

It’s all just talk at the moment but let’s say the gears are turning and Michael B. Jordan is indeed in the frame for Superman, then he’s definitely the perfect replacement for Henry Cavill.

He’s a great actor, buff as all hell, has charisma spilling out of his pockets, and would look fantastic wearing a red cape with a big “S” on it. Plus it would be fantastic to see someone other than a white bloke play Superman for a change.

Even more importantly is Jordan’s self-confessed love for comic books and knowledge of the character, While no one exactly knows what he pitched to Warner Bros. regarding his vision for Superman, we can hazard a guess based on some previous comments that his idea is to play the character of Calvin Ellis (who is basically a Superman from another alternative universe) rather than Clark Kent.

So where does this leave Henry Cavill if Michael B. Jordan does eventually become Superman? Well there are two possibilities that we can see. The first is Jordan straight up replaces Cavill, who probably won’t be too happy about that given how he’s still keen to keep the role (despite admitting his Superman films were crap).

The second possibility is both Cavill and Jordan get to play Superman, which wouldn’t be too farfetched if Warner Bros. buys into the whole multi-verse idea and having multiple versions of the character.

For now though, there are no Superman projects in the works as far as we know so we’re just going to have to make do with fantasies and fanart of Michael B. Jordan wearing the red cape for the time being.

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