Tilly The Dog Is Our New Hero Purely For Irritating This Petty AF Mum

This is next level.

Deciding on a baby name can be a contentious activity. First, there’s the opinions of your family and friends, and then there’s the fact that the kid will be stuck with it forever. However, for some people, picking a baby name involves far more than humans…it involves a dog

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A text conversation has surfaced on Reddit (a literal goldmine for this kind of thing) between an unnamed pregnant woman and a dog owner called Jennay, and things get tense to say the least.

It starts with unnamed pregnant woman letting dog owner Jennay know she’s expecting a baby girl and has a favour to ask. “We want to name her Tillie but it’s come to my attention you have a dog named Tilly and I’d appreciate you changing the dog’s name lol.” LOL!?

Wow. Credit: Reddit

She continued, “obviously she can’t have the same name as a dog and we’re bound to bump into each other.” 

Needless to say, Jennay wasn’t keen on fulfilling the request, and replied: “I don’t think it’s necessary to change my Tilly’s name. I don’t think you’ll ever see her and I don’t think anyone will notice they’ve got the same name anyway.”

Also, as if human Tillie isn’t going to LOVE having the same name as doggo Tilly!? As one Reddit user put it, “five year old me would consider a dog with my name akin to one of those personalised “name” mugs.” A true novelty.

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However, unnamed pregnant woman was having none of it, and continued to persist. “You don’t have children you’ll never understand how a mother can love and just want the best for this perfect little person,” she wrote. “I’m honestly shocked you’re being so heartless and unreasonable.”

Things got tense. Credit: Giphy

Apparently, by not changing her dog’s name it would “impact her life and potentially ruin her confidence.”

“Can you even imagine growing up having the same name as a mutt?” I mean, yeah, I can. There are plenty of dogs named Katie out there.

Unnamed pregnant woman ends the chat by begging Jennay to “please reconsider,” but it sounds like these two won’t be having a doggy daughter play date any time soon.

This is next level petty and tbh, Tilly the dog is my new hero.

Tilly for Prez. Credit: Giphy

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