Marc Maron Is Apparently In Talks To Join Joaquin Phoenix's Solo Joker Movie Because This Cast Can't Get Any More Ridiculous, Really

All it takes is one bad day, an over-qualified cast, and a veteran stand-up comic to apparently make a good solo Joker movie.

As more details about Joaquin Phoenix’s solo Joker movie come out, it is increasingly evident that is going to be one weird ride.

And now in a weirdly meta twist, Variety reports that veteran stand-up comic and podcast pioneer Marc Maron is in talks to join the cast, adding some genuine comedy credibility to a movie about a literal joker.

Maron has recently emerged as a genuinely good actor thanks to his great performance on Netflix’s G.L.O.W and his addition to Phoenix’s Joker movie bolsters an already overqualified cast.

In addition to Phoenix and Maron, it is reported that the upcoming Todd Phillips directed Joker film will feature Oscar winner Robert De Niro, Golden Globe winner Frances Conroy, and Deadpool 2 standout Zazie Beetz.

Dayum. That’s like hiring LeBron James to play on your weekly social basketball team.

Maron will reportedly be playing an agent who books Phoenix’s character onto De Niro’s talk show and thus setting off a chain of events that will result in the creation of the Joker.

It seems like Maron’s character will play an important part in turning Phoenix into the Clown Prince of Crime, so we can probably expect some meta on-screen depiction of real-life comic meeting comic book comic.

Whatever it is, Maron’s addition to the cast is pretty cool and I’m just hoping that he’ll get to interact with Phoenix’s Joker character in some way.

I personally would have the Joker cruelly torture Maron by playing the first 20 minutes of every single one of his 900+ podcast episodes, have the Joker annoyingly interrupt Maron every time he tried to speak, or threaten to shave his mustache.

Marvel Icon Stan Lee Makes His First Cameo In A DC Movie Because He’s Stan Lee And He Does What He Wants

Bow down to Stan Lee, whose cameos transcend any comic book universe.

Seeing a Stan Lee cameo in a Marvel film is akin to the sun rising up every morning: you expect it at some point and you get a warm and fuzzy feeling every time it happens.

It’s something DC fans have yet to experience since they’re basically the Joker to Marvel’s Batman, or the Thanos to Marvel’s Avengers. You get the idea.

However, it appears that the power of Stan Lee’s cameos transcends any comic book universes because the man has made his first ever cameo appearance in a DC film.

Just in case you want the surprise to be kept secret, SPOILERS AHEAD!

The comic book legend made his long-awaited DC debut with a cameo appearance in the newly-released animated film Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, where he voices an ultra self-aware version of himself. So the usual Stan Lee schtick essentially.

Appearing in a scene on the Warner Bros. studio, Lee straight up hogs the camera and proclaims, “this is Stan Lee — dig my subtle cameo! This is a DC movie? I gotta get outta here”!

Lee than appears again at the end, where he simply runs out of f***s to give and declares that he doesn’t care if it’s a DC movie because he just loves doing cameos.

So meta.

While seeing a Stan Lee cameo in a DC film gives us all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings, don’t expect him to pop up in the upcoming AquamanShazam! or Wonder Woman 1984.

The Teen Titans Go! universe is known for being a self-referential, fourth-wall breaking series akin to Deadpool (minus all the penis jokes and blood), thus it makes perfect sense for Lee to pop in for a quick little joke about himself.

Plus, Lee is 95 years old so doing a voice over cameo is much easier on him than an on-camera appearance.

The Stan Lee DC cameo train may be a one-and-done deal, but it was good while it lasted. There’s just something heartwarming about seeing a 95-year-old man give no s***s about what he’s doing.

Plus, Lee is probably all booked up for the never-ending train of Marvel films coming out from now until the end of time, so there’s always that to look forward to.

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