What If We Asked For Dating Feedback Just Like A Job Interview?

The butterflies are the same but the expectations are not.

When we apply for a job and land an interview, it’s exciting, nerve-racking! A little like when you start dating.

With a tummy full of saggy butterflies, the kind of saggy butterflies where you’re not sure if you need to do a nervous poo or have a lil burp-vom, you put your best foot forward!

Smashing your application letter/Bumble profile, you start chatting and it’s straight fire – first interview scheduled. Ready. Set. Go.

Upon arrival, you ask for water because that’s polite and you don’t want to get ‘surprise drunk.’ Everything seems like it’s going well – so well, you have a second interview, I mean date.

You leave the second “date” feeling like you’ve got this in the bag!

You think to yourself: “I can’t wait for them to call/stalk my references.”

About a week trickles by and…. radio silence.

No call, no Instagram like, snap chat add. Nothing. They’ve ghosted you?

Any employed professional would tell you to follow up the interviewer and ask for some feedback. “This will help you grow and develop for your next interview,” they say.

So, do you call? I guess the question is: do you want to know why you weren’t good enough?

Nine times out of 10, when a guy ghosts a girl, it’s because she doesn’t hold a desirable position on the “hot/crazy scale”. Whereas when girls ghost guys, it can be a multitude of reasons why.

Maybe he laughed weird? Picked his nose in front of you *vomits in mouth*. Perhaps he was rude to wait staff, or worse – talked about his ex ALL NIGHT.

You see, as women we kinda already know the stupid/pathetic reason why a guy isn’t chasing us anymore but as for gentlemen, maybe you could learn from this?

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