Scientists Completed A Study On The Motivations Behind Unsolicited Nudes Because STOP IT

*No one* is picking up what you're putting down.

Speak to a group of single women who date men, and chances are one of them will have a story about an unsolicited d**k pic.

The phenomenon is a baffling one. Although it ~seems~ that common sense would suggest sending a photo of genitalia requires consent, a subset of society continues to sling out nudes like they were free hugs.

Checking out Tinder like…
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The conundrum is so vexing, in fact, that a group of scientists from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality in Montreal decided to complete a study on it.

As has reported, the research looked into the motivations behind (very, very) unwanted photos of penises, and the findings were surprising.

For the study, a group of “men who have sex with women” were surveyed on sexual behaviours including “photographic exhibitionism” (i.e. sending unsolicited d**k pics).

Those fellas who revealed they had shared their junk without being asked to were then quizzed further on the reasons behind the, er, bold move.

Additionally, the study looked at elements like “narcissism, erotophilia-erotophobia, and gender-role belief. Participants were also asked whether they had ever engaged in any non-technology mediated acts of exhibitionism.”

The somewhat surprising results showed that the most common motivation these men had for sending photos of their genitals was a “transactional mindset“. Or in other words: the expectation that they would receive a nude snap in return.

This makes it worse, right?
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This is particularly surprising because the act of exposing yourself to someone who has not indicated they’re okay with it comes across as disrespectful and even aggressive. So the view that it could be a means of turning someone on is truly perplexing.

But, wait! There’s more.

Researchers went on to analyse the broader personality traits of the participants. These results, however, were less shocking:

“Of particular interest were differences in personality characteristics between men who do, and do not, send unsolicited penis pictures,” the paper stated.

Disparities were seen specifically “on variables of narcissism and both hostile and benevolent sexism”.

So, long story, short: if you think someone wants a photo of your bits, ask them first. If they are not into it, put down the phone and desist.

Robert Pattinson Says He Smells Like A Crayon And I Need To Know Which Colour

Another wild yarn from R-Patz.

Robert Pattinson has gained quite a reputation for spinning wild yarns during interviews, but his most recent comments on his body odour have me truly shaken.

In a recent interview with Allure the star of the upcoming The Batman film said, “Lots of people tell me I smell like a crayon.”

The interviewer – understandably bewildered by this statement – then asked, “Like you’re made of wax?”

To which R-Patz responded, “Yes! Like I’m embalmed.”

I have so many questions. What colour crayon does Pattinson smell like? What brand? Is he using lots of crayons? And most importantly, who are these multiple people who are telling him he smells like crayon!? Is that an insult, or a compliment?

It’s not the first time Robert Pattinson’s scent has come up in conversation. Back in 2009, E! News reported that an unidentified source who worked “very closely” with the actor on New Moon said “he stinks.”

“I mean, it’s awful,” the source said. “He never showers, and it drives people on the set crazy.”

“He completely reeks,” an unidentified crew member added. Yikes.

It’s been over a decade since then, so we can only hope Robert Pattinson has swapped his lack of showering for an obsession with crayons. 

Speaking of celebrity scents, celebrity tattoo artist Lauren Winzer dishes on what Post Malone smells like on It’s Been A Big Day For…below:

During his interview with Allure, Pattinson was also asked about being recently named the “most handsome man” in the world according to science.

“It’s weird,” he said. “I never was really up for the good-looking-guy roles, because I’ve always been quite awkward when meeting people.”

“My Harry Potter role was a good-looking guy, and it was a shock that it was quite easy to get. And then in Twilight, [Edward is] beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. When I turned up for the auditions, I had done a job where I’d dyed my hair black, because I had an inch and a half of roots, and I had waxed my body. And then I had a few months where I’d been drinking beer all day, so I had this hairless, chubby body. I looked like a baby with a wig on.”

Hairless, chubby, waxed or smelling like a crayon – we’ll take Robert Pattinson any which way.

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