One Of The Bali Nine Drug Smugglers Is Set To Be Arrested Once Touching Back Down In Australia After Over 12 Years In Indonesian Prison

Renae Lawrence is the first member of the Bali Nine to be released.

Renae Lawrence was part of the infamous Bali Nine group caught attempting to smuggle over 8kg of heroin from Bali to Australia in April 2005. She was originally sentenced to life in prison, which was successfully appealed to be 20 years, then reduced last year. She’s now served more than 12 years in prison in Indonesia.

According to The Guardian, Lawrence is expected to be deported to Australia on November 21, but when she touches down in Sydney she is set to face arrest for outstanding warrant.

New South Wales Police have reportedly confirmed that Lawrence has two outstanding warrants for offences that include stealing a motor vehicle, driving unlicensed, speeding and failure to comply with police direction. Those crimes date back to June 2005 when Gosford local court issued the offences.

While this is not a warm welcome, Renae Lawrence is the first of the Bali Nine to be released. In 2015 An Indonesian firing squad executed the Bali Nine ringleaders, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, and Tan Duc Thanh Nguyen, another member of the group, died of cancer while serving out his life term.

The remaining five people associated with the Bali Nine smuggling arrest –Su Yi Chen, Michael Czugaj, Matthew Norman, Scott Rush and Martin Stephens – all remain in Indonesia serving life in Prison.

This Resurfaced Video Of Ariana Grande Doing A Terrible Aussie Accent And Steve Irwin Impersonation Is So Precious

Bless all the non-Australians out there who think she’s nailed it.

Seeing as we are in the thick of the movement of Ariana Grande appreciation, what better time for fans to resurface a majestic video of our pop-star galpal giving us her best impression of an Aussie accent?

Because even though vocal impressions are Ariana Grande’s ‘thing’, her Steve Irwin impression definitely misses the mark. Thank you for trying Ari but this is a hard no on the accuracy front. But five stars for being adorable and giving it a crack.

People are going wild over the video since it was posted on Twitter on the weekend, though it’s from 2016 and actually seems to be filmed by her then boyfriend Mac Miller.

In the video she narrates her hunt around the wilderness (of a garden), Steve Irwin stye, looking for bugs and chatting about reindeers. Because apparently that is relevant to an Australian impression. Because no one really knows what goes on down here let’s be honest.

I love her for trying but damn this accent really does not sound like us, hey! At times she’s nearly achieving an extreme lad Aussie accent, but most of the time it’s closer to a New Zealand accent or The Good Place’s terrible Aussie accents.

And putting aside the fact that this guy doesn’t know who Ariana Grande is (for shame!), he makes a good point about the resemblance of Ari’s accent to that of a South African local. So close but so far.

But not even a 2016 video of Ariana Grande failing at being Aussie can make us stop loving her because watching her try is pretty damn adorable.

Australia’s Solution To The World’s Space Junk Pollution Problem Is Of Course Shooting It With Giant Laser Beams

This is our time to shine.

Australia doesn’t usually get to be the host of many super-important space projects because we’re not exactly boasting the highest mountains around. But now, thanks to having the desired climate down here for this particular operation, we’re having our big moment.

And by ‘big moment’ I mean we are home to giant laser beams we will be shooting at space junk.

There’s nearly 200 million pieces of space junk, AKA space debris, orbiting  at high speeds around Earth. As more countries participate in space, the more junk is out there and the worse the problem becomes. Even the tiniest pieces pose a threat to space technology that’s out there, including the manned spacecrafts.

But apparently scientists are going to use the giant laser beams to slowly move the space junk either back to earth or into different orbits. Sounds legit.

The project has been in the works for a while, and this week international experts are convening in Canberra for the 21st International Workshop on Laser Ranging, hosted by the International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) and Australia’s Space Environment Research Centre (SERC).

Australia shooting space junk with laser beams is the biggest thing on the agenda, naturally. The lasers will be on the ground at SERC’s Mount Stromlo base in the ACT, near Canberra, and should be in full operation by March 2019.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to see the laser beams, but the whole laser situation is still a pretty epic claim to space fame for Australia.

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