The Clueless Cast Reunited And Finally Explained Why Paul Rudd Never Ages

They also talked about Ant-Man, Celery Man, Brittany Murphy, and a fake boy band.

First Buffy and Four Weddings, and now Clueless: the iconic 90s reunions are coming thick and fast this year.

And sadly, it appears the Marvel shooting schedule has finally taken its toll on Paul Rudd’s ageless face.

As if! He’s still perfect.

Gaze upon this beautiful shot of Alicia Silverstone, Rudd, Donald Faison and Breckin Meyer:

They all rocked up for an adorable Q&A panel hosted by Buffy‘s Clare Kramer, and it sounded like it was the actual best.

Everyone was constantly dunking on Breckin, who played goofy skater Travis, for being a, shall we say, slightly more niche inclusion.

Someone followed a totally unnecessary Marvel fan question by asking Breckin and Faison – who cameo’d together in the immortal classic Josie & The Pussycats – whether they’d ever consider getting their fictional boy band Du Jour back together.

Rudd, of course, teased everyone about Endgame anyway…

And someone even asked him about Celery Man, the surreal and perfect sketch from Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job. 

But yes, they also talked about Clueless itself.

One fan dressed as Ms Geist asked the panel if they’d signed up for the environmental fair yet, which is beyond perfect. Faison recalled how he turned 21 during filming, and the cast took him out for drinks, but Alicia doesn’t remember a thing… and then she got the whole panel raving about the late Brittany Murphy.

Plus, they all talked about what they were like when they were actually teenagers, and it’s too cute:

And yes, somebody finally asked why Paul Rudd looks exactly the same as he did when he played the love interest slash former family member of a teenage girl.

And now his secret’s out.

Yep, it’s just old-fashioned essence of infant – but you have to start in your 20s.

If You Haven’t Watched The Ant-Man Movies, It’s Time To Super-Size Your Marvel Knowledge Before Endgame

Get on board that toy train.

Ant-Man might be the most underrated franchise in the MCU. But if you haven’t caught up with Paul Rudd’s snarky small-time crim, you’re going to want to very soon – because it’s going to be a huge part of Avengers: Endgame.

Set just a few months after the mind-melting, city-levelling events of Age Of Ultron – the loudest and most confusing of the Avengers movies to date – Ant-Man’s smaller stakes and determination to actually be a fun movie seemed like a bit of an odd Man out.

It also suffered from some messy production vibes, after original writer-director Edgar Wright – the guy who brought us Shaun Of The Dead, Scott Pilgrim and Baby Driver – exited due to creative differences with Marvel. It seemed like it was going to end up a pale imitation of what could have been, instead of a truly original addition to the series.

But the whip-smart script Wright co-wrote with Joe Cornish (Attack The Block) remained and was worked on further by Rudd and Adam McKay (Anchorman), while Bring It On director Peyton Reed pulled together a fun and fast heist movie that made the most of its star.

That’s the boring background – and in a way, it doesn’t really matter. The end product was actually one of the most fun MCU movies since the first Iron Man (and proved Thor: Ragnarok’s lighter, less self-important vibe would totally work).

It’s basically Iron Man meets Honey I Shrunk The Kids: our intro to Hank Pym’s size-controlling technology see Scott Lang (Rudd) wearing a suit that makes him huge or teeny, and fighting a bad guy for control of the world-changing tech.

There are not only obligatory sequences with everyday objects made giant, but also spectacular action set-pieces based on what it would be like to fight inside a briefcase flying through the air, or on a toy train set.

Plus, Rudd was the exact right choice for the role: as delightful and ageless as a never-ending packet of Tim Tams, believable as a trying-to-reform ex-con and a loving dad, and also as a reluctant superhero trying to do the right thing despite what it might cost him.

And the rest of the cast – from a crotchety Michael Douglas and the scene-stealing Michael Pena to a not-here-to-f**k-spiders (or ants) Evangeline Lilly and an under-used-as-always Judy Greer – is stacked deep with talent.

But most importantly, it’s looking more and more like Hank Pym’s tiny-making-tech will be key to Avengers: Endgame.

The Quantum Realm – the smaller-than-atoms space where extra-tiny suit-wearers end up if they go too small, and where Doctor Strange very briefly ended up during his journey to becoming the powerful sorcerer he is now – is looking like it will be a major part of the fourth Avengers film.

We know this because Tom Holland accidentally told us, bless him.

And while they’ll give us a bit of background in Endgame, all the timey-wimey and/or physics-bending stuff will be way less confusing if you cop some background in the form of Ant-Man and, possibly more importantly, Ant-Man & The Wasp.

Scott might have shown up to pick a side in Civil War and find himself having to be actually introduced to most of the team, but as we learned from the first real trailer for Endgame, he’s also going to turn up to offer Cap and the team his old van packed full of quantum tech.

He’s a real Avenger now, and he deserves your respect despite the dumb name.

Just like his eponymous films in the increasingly grim, high-stakes world of the MCU, Ant-Man is a cheery, goofy presence at the gates of Avengers HQ.

Let him in before Endgame: you might be coming for the plot gaps it’ll fill in, but you’ll want to stay for the fun.

Which One Of Your Man Crushes Should Go Mega-Blonde Next?

Zac Efron, Ansel Elgort, Chris Messina... then your MCM?

First, Ansel Elgort debuted a bleached blonde mop at a basketball game in December. And it was like… OK?

Then, Chris Messina showed up at the Golden Globes with his new look: a close-cropped peroxide job, courtesy of his role as Birds Of Prey villain Victor Szasz.

And nobody was OK.

THEN, Zac Efron turned up at Sundance with the answer to the question “What do you get when you cross a twink and an otter?”

And there was much rejoicing.

The jury’s still out on Elgort’s new look, but Efron’s beard-n-bleach combo is a vibe for sure, and the mass Blonde Messina thirst is currently powering several small towns.

So: who’s next? Here, with the help of some extremely expensive and advanced imaging technology, we imagine what it might look like should your current crush decide to go the full Malfoy.

Timothee Chalamet

Tim-O-Tay is one of our favourite works of art, but this Marilyn Monroe version of his iconic locks is not doing it for us.

Here’s another, more cheekbone-friendly version, helpfully ‘shopped by a Twitter user who agrees with us that he’s a strong contender for the next bleached boy (and also that Messina is the gold standard).

Noah Centineo

Oooh, boy. This is Not A Vibe. This looks like your weird neighbour lady who writes you pissy notes about taking your bins out promptly and never goes outside except to slip said notes in your letterbox.

Quick, let’s remember him as he was.

Henry Golding

The Crazy Rich Asians star is actually pulling this the heck off (with a strong assist from his casually excellent brows, which I’ve never noticed before). Perhaps a new look for Nick in the sequel?

John Mulaney

Turns out that the comedian’s boyish, clean-cut charm only works when he doesn’t look like an overgrown extra from Children Of The Corn who’s also running for an Alabama Congress seat on a platform of teaching the literal Bible in science class.


Awww, it matches his Grammy! And he can get it.

Rami Malek

Nope. The Freddie teeth were a better look.

Michael B Jordan

Look, could ANYTHING make this man less hot? Everyone – even Nicki Minaj – wants to get it. A cheeky bleach isn’t going to change that.

Paul Rudd

I just realised why Paul Rudd refuses to age: because if he ever shifts into Silver Fox mode, it might actually kill us all.

All images via Getty.

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