Hey Jeremy Clarkson, Blame Yourself For The Death Of The Car Show, Not Greta Thunberg

In the words of James May: Clarkson, you utter pillock.

Jeremy Clarkson is really intimidated by Greta Thunberg isn’t he? The Grand Tour host and former Top Gear presenter previously went after the teen in The Sun for loudly speaking up about climate change and now he’s blaming her for the death of the car shows and young people’s general interest in cars.

Look, we’re not sure either, Hammond.

Chatting to The Sun (again), Jeremy Clarkson cranked up his inner pillock to OK boomer levels and laid the seemingly lack of interest in cars by millennials and Gen Z squarely at Greta’s feet.

“Everyone I know under 25 isn’t the slightest bit interested in cars — Greta Thunberg has killed the car show.

“They’re taught at school, before they say ‘Mummy and Daddy’, that cars are evil, and it’s in their heads.”

Okay, I see what you’re getting at there, Jeremy, but perhaps you should look at the part you’ve played in killing the car show rather than blaming a teenager for trying to do something about the climate crisis.

You’ve been hosted a car show of some sort with the same irreverent schtick since 1988 and it was honestly quite entertaining during your early Top Gear days.

Not only did you, James May and Richard Hammond set the bar so incredibly high that no other car show can hope to match it, you’re still chugging along well after your prime years. So maybe it’s time to admit that watching a 60-year-old man trying to be funny and relevant while driving around in super cars like a lunatic isn’t as charming as it once was.

And besides, kids are also more likely going to have posters of young F1 superstars like Lewis Hamilton or Daniel Ricciardo on their bedroom walls rather than that of grumpy old men like Jeremy Clarkson.

More like The Bland Tour.

Having blurted out a heap of rubbish in his usual unfiltered “Jeremy Clarkson” manner, the TV host does ultimately say something that’s rooted in common sense as he concedes that climate change is a thing and those denying the crisis are morons, though he can’t help but squeeze in a final shot at Greta.

“For the first time ever, we’ve had global warming rammed down our throats — and we’ve not been idiotic, it’s very definitely a thing. You can change your mind.

“Only an idiot doesn’t change their mind when faced with irrefutable evidence. The question is, what to do about it? That’s a more interesting debate than what is happening.

“She’s an idiot. Going round saying we’re all going to die, that’s not going to solve anything, my dear.”

But the most ironic thing out of all this is how Greta Thunberg’s climate crisis concerns have found their way into season four of Clarkson’s The Grand Tour.

In the episode titled ‘Seamen’ (see what I mean by trying to be funny and relevant?), Clarkson, May and Hammond acknowledge the impact of climate change in a non-mocking way and end up travelling from Cambodia to Vietnam in boats rather than their usual selection of cars.

So before going around and pointing the finger at Greta Thunberg for killing car shows like Top Gear and The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, maybe consider the fact that kids these days are simply not interested in being told what cars are cool by 60-year-old white man.

Rejoice As Young Sheldon Is Probably Going To Get Arrested


The Big Bang Theory was a unique TV show in that it was flaming pile of garbage with virtually no redeeming qualities and yet it was also immensely popular. While the show may be over (thankfully), we still have to put up with the equally-awful spin-off Young Sheldon.

With Young Sheldon here to stay for a while yet, the universe saw the cruelty of this injustice and sought to right this wrong by raising the possibility of Iain Armitage (the young lad who plays the show’s titular Young Sheldon) getting placed in handcuffs and thrown in a jail cell from zero to about 95 percent.

Now we don’t condone the arresting of kids… but this is an exception.

Me too, kid.

Don’t break out the celebratory champagne just yet though as the potential arresting of Iain isn’t retribution for the crimes against entertainment that is The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon.

No, Iain is putting himself in handcuffs’ way in the name of climate change.

For a while now, Hollywood legend and political activist Jane Fonda has been tirelessly heading out to the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. and holding weekly protests called “Fire Drill Fridays” in an attempt to twist politicians’ arms into doing something about climate change.

Unsurprisingly, Fonda has been arrested a bunch of times for doing this because Capitol Hill authorities aren’t too happy with all the (unlawful) noise that’s being made and she’s occasionally dragged her Hollywood pals along with her.

So what does this have anything to do with Young Sheldon getting arrested? Well according to a press release (via The AV Club), Iain Armitage is scheduled to cause a ruckus at one of Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Friday climate change rallies, which will surely draw the attention of law enforcement officers (again).

Especially when it’s on fire.

This is a shrewd move from the climate change protesters. Not only will getting the face of a popular TV show onboard the rallies increase its visibility, public opinion are inevitably going to swing the way of the protesters when images of police arresting a young kid are broadcast all over the internet.

Okay, the climate change angle does takes a lot of the schadenfreude out of seeing Iain getting arrested, but maybe this is his way of giving back for all that’s been taken away from us due to The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon‘s existence.

Putting aside all the jokes though, Iain Armitage deserves the biggest of props for putting his freedom on the line in the name of raising awareness for the climate crisis. If his efforts does ultimately result in some change, putting up with Young Sheldon on our TV screens for a little while longer is a small price to pay.

Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist's Courageous Domestic Violence Story Needs Our Attention

"I am a survivor of domestic violence."

WARNING: This story discusses domestic violence.

In an emotional 14-minute video posted onto her Instagram, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist has spoken up about domestic violence and her experience as a survivor of domestic abuse.

Declaring from the onset, “I am a survivor of domestic violence, or IPV, intimate partner violence,” Melissa, 31, proceeds to give a courageous speech describing her harrowing experience. Having met her alleged perpetrator during a vulnerable time in her life, the Supergirl star says their relationship felt like a “railway freight train.”

Describing her alleged abuser as “charming, funny, manipulative [and] devious,” Melissa says her abuse began with emotional manipulation and her partner was often jealous whenever other men paid attention to her. He would look at her devices, ask her to change clothes whenever others paid attention to her, and got angry whenever she filmed romantic scenes on Supergirl or her other projects.

This pattern of behaviour and domestic violence eventually resulted in Melissa “turning down auditions, job offers, test deals and friendships, because [she] didn’t want to hurt him.”

She goes on to describe the first instance of physical violence, which occurred five months in their relationship and involved her alleged abuser allegedly throwing a smoothie at her face. This was just the first of a number of incidents that followed a pattern in which her alleged abuser would put her in a bathtub, turn the faucet on, leave the room, and then later return to apologise.

Melissa says she stayed because “Deep down [she] never believed he would change, [she] just fooled myself into thinking [she] could help him” and describes how she ended up becoming violent in order to defend herself, saying “I changed and I’m not proud of how I changed.”

The Supergirl star says a turning point came when her alleged abuser allegedly threw a phone at her face and caused serious injury to her face and iris. She tried to cover up her injuries by attributing it to her clumsiness, but she soon managed to gather the courage to confide in a friend about her partner’s behaviour and the domestic violence she was experiencing, saying “The more people I let in, the more I was bolstered.”

The alleged abuser is never named and Melissa only describes him as being younger than her and “his immaturity obvious.” She was previously married to actor Blake Jenner, 27, for a year and is now married to actor Chris Wood, 31.

At the conclusion of her story, Melissa states how “none of this is salacious news” and she wanted to tell everyone about her experience because of how domestic violence and IPV are chronically underreported crimes, saying:

“I want those statistics to change, and I hope that telling my story will prevent more stories like this from happening.

“If you are enduring what I went through and you see this, you might be able to find the tiny straw that will break the camel’s back.”

Melissa Benoist is incredibly courageous in coming out with her story about being a domestic violence survivor and it deserves all our attention.

If you or someone you care about needs help, please call 1800RESPECT at 1800 737 732.

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