Someone Tell Amazon That Auschwitz And Christmas Baubles Are Not A Match

Because it turns out they need to be told.

Exactly a week ago today, Spanish fashion house Loewe got their asses handed to them for releasing an outfit that looked basically identical to the uniforms that were given to prisoners in concentration camps. I’m afraid it’s time to reset the “days since someone last tried to make money off the Holocaust” counter back to zero, because Amazon has just had to pull some Auschwitz themed Christmas decorations.

Come on…

If you did a double take like I did when I first read the words “Auschwitz themed Christmas decorations”, then I’m sorry to tell you that you didn’t read it wrong. The official Auschwitz Museum Twitter page were the ones that had to point it out, and tweeted that Christmas ornaments and bottle openers decorated with pictures of Auschwitz were, to put it mildly, disrespectful.

To put it less mildly, they’re super f*cked up.

They asked Amazon to remove the decorations, and Amazon did actually do that a couple of hours later. Screenshots are forever though.

There is a chance that the decorations weren’t deliberately made, but was the unfortunate result of an algorithm that was set up to grab pictures and put them on generic ornaments. Algorithms like those do exist, and once somebody orders one the product is made rather than selling products that already exist. Nobody is quite sure if that’s the case yet, but I’m personally hoping it is – just to keep some of the faith I have left in humanity.

Fingers crossed it wasn’t deliberate…

Ultimately the result was the same no matter how these ads were made. Concentration camps were one of the darkest points in human history, and do not belong on cheery Christmas decorations. They never should have been advertised in the first place. 

I’m hoping more than anything that we don’t see another one of these stories next week.

There Was Literally No Reason For Sally To Be In The Nightmare Before Christmas

For it is plain, as anyone can see.

Alright, let’s just get it out of the way, I hadn’t watched The Nightmare Before Christmas until last night. I had friends when I was a kid who would rave about Jack and Sally and how good it was, but I just never got around to it. We’re officially into December so of course it was on TV, I couldn’t be bothered changing the channel and accidentally watched the whole thing. And I have opinions.

What the hell is your role in all of this?

If you’re in the same boat as I was 24 hours ago and haven’t seen the film, the gist is that Jack Skellington has something missing from his life and decides that Christmas is going to be his thing now. He kidnaps Santa, tries to make Christmas spooky, ruins everything and then has to go and un-kidnap Santa so that Christmas can be saved. 

And you know what? That’s exactly what would happen if Sally was absolutely wiped from the entire film.

About three second before Christmas is ruined.

As far as I could tell, Sally’s role was to warn him about the fact that he would absolutely ruin Christmas – a warning Jack totally ignored by the way – and to eventually get captured so Jack can rescue her along with Santa. If she wasn’t there in the first place, Jack would still have ruined Christmas and had to rescue Santa, so go figure. Like I said, the plot remains the same.

After all is said and done, Jack is told that he should have listened to Sally the entire time because she’s so smart, and then realises that they should always have been together. Don’t ask me what caused this realisation because he’s straight up ignored her until this point. 

You??? Aren’t???

Maybe I just don’t have the nostalgia attached to this movie because I never watched it as a kid, or maybe Blink 182 singing “we can live like Jack and Sally if we want” made me assume that this was some sort of romance film. I’ve decided I don’t want to live like Sally at all though. She does nothing.

The First Baby Yoda Merch Is Out, And Frankly We Deserve Better

Terrible, this is.

Star Wars has crashed back onto our screens in a major way over the last few years, and the newest TV series, The Mandalorian, is just as popular as you’d expect. You don’t have to have watched the series though to know all about the main breakout star of the show: Baby Yoda. 

Forget cats and baby alpacas, Baby Yoda is the internet’s current obsession, and for damn good reason. Just look at it.

I can’t.

(I promise I put a gif there. If it disappears, just assume that Disney has actually succeeded on their mission to wipe the internet of Baby Yoda gifs).

With Christmas approaching faster than anybody would like to acknowledge right now, it seems like the perfect time to bring out some amazing merch. Let’s be real, we’d buy pretty much anything with its little face on it.

It looks like the merchandisers knew that too, because the first official merch is… yeah look it’s a bit crap.

I’m willing to accept that Disney wasn’t actually prepared for the astronomical popularity of Baby Yoda. Maybe they hadn’t realised quite how desperate we all are for something good to cling to amongst all the bad news on the internet, or maybe they just thought we would all say “oh that’s cute” and move on.


Disney say that they didn’t come up with merch because they didn’t want to ruin the surprise of Baby Yoda’s existence, but surely they’d at least have some ideas ready to go? My guess is that everyone panicked and some poor merchandising intern was given the task of coming up with something to sell quick-smart, and this is what happened. 

In much better news, there’s more merch coming our way soon. We’ve been told there will be more shirts and plush toys, so we can give Baby Yoda the cuddle we’ve all been desperate to give it. 

Patience, we must have.

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