Kasey Musgraves Will Have You Racing To Find A One-Hour Photo Store With Her Retro Portraits

Heartstrings pulled.

American singer-songwriter Kasey Musgraves has executed the most wholesome celebrity act we’ve seen this year. She’s taken to Twitter and Instagram to promote a stranger’s small, retro photography business based in LA. The business owner told Musgraves that his place had been struggling since the digital wave.

Musgraves posted a series of nostalgic self-portraits which she took at the shop called Tom’s One Hour Photo. They were absolute fire. Apparently, the place opened all the way back in ’91 and Musgraves’ sister stumbled across it during a trip to Korea Town.

Perfectly retro. It’s a big yes.

When celebrities pull-off random acts of kindness we’re sometimes left feeling a little “off.” We’re stuck with a sense that we’re not quite sure whether they did the “thing” for media attention or whether it came from a genuine place. With Hollywood, it’s hard to ever really know.

This kind move, however, doesn’t feel staged. Musgraves and her sister even went to the trouble of setting up an Insta appreciation account for Tom’s business. It’s not flashy, nor does it contain many photos. It just gives off the impression that the celeb and her sis have made a legitimate grass-roots effort to do something nice. As if we didn’t already love Musgraves enough for producing basically the only country music we can enjoy.

What’s more is that since Musgraves posted her portraits on Twitter, plus the link to the appreciation account, Tom’s profile has garnered 31.6K followers. Something tells us his business is gonna be pumpin’ out pics in the next few days.

The shop owner’s son even reached out to Musgraves on social media to thank her for the whole thing and my word, its wholesome.

Credit: Twitter

Let us all hope that every LA hipster will now exclusively get their film developed at this homely spot. Even if all of this attention has only earned a short spike in clientele, there’s no doubt it’ll be a very sweet feeling.

Honestly, this guy could be anyone’s dad. We’re not crying, you are.

Tom appears as just a regular, hard-working guy, doing his thing. The clips of him on Insta show him going about his job with absolute professionalism. Plus his workplace is seriously decked out – there are so many cool retro knick-knacks sprawled across the walls of his shop.

Musgraves has uncovered a hidden gem for sure, but the best thing about the whole episode is that she made Tom’s One Hour Photo the true hero of this story.

The Internet's New 'VSCO Girl’ Subculture Is Making Us All Feel Basic

This is a personal attack.

This just in: the Internet has identified a new subculture – the ‘VSCO Girl’.

If you’re late to the party here’s the lowdown: the name (pronounced vis-co) is based on the popular Android app, VSCO. It’s sort of like Instagram but offers more options for photo editing. The app is less focused on followers and likes and more about artistic expression. The ‘VSCO Girl’ is inherently trendy, arty and deeply submerged in online culture. Essentially, she’s what the Tumblr girl was 10 years ago.

This pic is THICK with ‘VSCO Girl’ energy

There’s no one way to describe a ‘VSCO Girl’. The Internet is still fleshing out the specifics. So far, we know that she’s the girl with an endless scrunchy collection who wears oversized tees, carries a stylised and reusable water bottle and is never seen without her lip balm. Oh, and she also owns one of those Swedish backpacks everyone’s wearing.

It’s undeniable that the ‘VSCO Girl’ is cute. She’s a colour coordinated chick in a messy bun for Christ’s sake.

However, the Internet is equal parts hating on the subculture and equal parts celebrating it. People have as many opinions on ‘VSCO Girls’ as what they did on that fierce woman who went viral after taking an elaborate train selfie.

And I’m not surprised. It’s pretty hilarious about how accurately the ‘VSCO Girl’ captures a trendy late teen to early 20-year-old woman. The emergence of this archetype highlights how we’re not all as original as we think.

Youtuber ‘LAURDIY’ teaches us how to VSCO girl

However, this Twitter user does make a fair call:

Ladies, like what you like!

Anyone who has only neg things to say about the ‘VSCO Girl’ subculture is probs in denial. It’s safe to say that we can all find at least one of the ‘VSCO Girl’s’ markers attractive. For me, it’s a deep-rooted love for scrunchies.

It’s also not quite fair to hate on the ‘VSCO Girl’ for her interest in aesthetic appearances. Fair enough if you don’t ‘get’ people who spend time developing a highly curated Instagram but that’s their thing.

To some extent, we all follow trends. It’s just that the VSCO girl seems to follow, well, all of them.

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