Christina Aguilera Just Witnessed Her Songs Getting Butchered Before Her Very Eyes, So Can James Corden Please Stop Ruining Carpool Karaoke For Everyone?

How do we mute his mic? Please, James, just stop. No one tuned in to hear you murder a Christina Aguilera ballad.

There’s no denying James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment has been the best thing to ever happen to The Late Late Show With James Corden.

He’s managed to nab some of the biggest artists on the planet and convinced them to hop in his ride for a tour around Los Angeles, and sometimes New York City, while singing a jaunty tune or two while they’re at it.

Everyone from Adele to Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Wonder and the Foo Fighters  have taken star spot in the world’s most famous front seat.

This week the show gifted us with the one and only Christina Aguilera (and a memorable guest performance from the hilarious Melissa McCarthy).

It was the first Carpool Karaoke of the year and it had the potential to be amazing.

Christina’s voice was on-point and couldn’t be faulted. She nailed every second of the segment, but once again, James Corden had to take over by opening his big ol’ mouth.

He’s showy, he’s needy, and in the wise words of Troy Dyer in Reality Bites, James, “your bravado is embarrassing.”

Christina was smack bang in the middle of “Fighter”, and was really working up to belting out one of the most empowering songs of our youth, when Corden stopped and interrupted her because he couldn’t keep up with her ‘growling’.

Christina then had to spend precious carpool minutes teaching him how to get his voice to mimic the amazing vibrato capabilities her voice is so famously known for, and once again, the segment became all about him.

Yo, Corden!

Stop interrupting your guests and let them sing!

I wanted to actually hear Christina belt out the tune, I didn’t want to watch you get a singing lesson so you could take centre stage yet again.

Even when guest-star Melissa McCarthy jumped into the car to do the rap portion of “Dirrty”, Corden had to try and rap along with her and in the process, drowned her out.

Come on, Corden. She’s in the backseat! We can barely hear her as it is – just nod along and enjoy the moment.

It doesn’t always have to be about you.

Corden’s penchant for attempting to outshine his guest stars is nothing new. He’s been playing that game for a while.

While the cameras in the car focus equally on both Corden and the guest of the moment, ultimately Corden is driving, so he’s always going to have to work extra hard to keep the interest and attention focused on himself.

Maybe that’s why he’s always scream-singing at the top of his lungs, hoping to get some kind of compliment from the celebrity in the seat next to him.

If Corden wants to sing along, fine, but can’t the sound engineers on the show turn his mic down a little?

It doesn’t have to be a lot, but at least enough that he doesn’t overpower and drown out the guests that have been specifically brought on the show to sing because that’s what they’re actually famous for.

I’ll be the first to say I’m the biggest singing show off there is, but who in the world has an ego big enough that they’d even be able to utter a note when singing with some of these amazing artists?

James Corden, that’s who.

He’s the guy you didn’t invite to the karaoke bar, but who shows up anyway and spends all night on stage with the one and only microphone in his hand, believing deep down that the louder he is, the more attention he’ll get.

As someone who has been in the audience during a live taping of The Late Late Show, I truly believe that Corden isn’t there to make his audience laugh for their benefit – it’s all about the ego boost for this host.

The “look at me, look at me” approach is getting really tired, James.

Time to take the backseat in the car and just enjoy the ride.

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