There's A Jesse Pinkman Scene You Need To See As Prep For The Breaking Bad Movie

Mr. White isn't the only one with a plan.

Netflix pulled a fast one on everyone by not only revealing that a Walter White-less Breaking Bad film – titled El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie – starring Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman was shot in secret, but we won’t have to wait long before it’s on our screens as it’s scheduled to drop on October 11.

It’s a perfect amount of time as it gives everyone enough time to re-watch the all 63 episodes of the original series as a refresher, as well as Better Call Saul because it’s arguably the better show and deserves more attention.

But if you’re a little pressed for time and can’t binge everything, Aaron Paul has revealed on Twitter the scene everyone must watch as prep before El Camino comes out.

For those who are unaware, the scene takes place midway through season three after Hank beats up poor Jesse and puts him in the hospital. When Walter White visits his recovering partner, Jesse launches into a gutwrenching monologue about how everything he’s cared about is gone, ruined and/or turned to sh*t ever since they met.

It’s one of Aaron’s finest scenes as Jesse and ranks up there as one of Breaking Bad‘s top moments, which you can rewatch here.

Based on Aaron’s hint at the scene’s importance and the dialogue spoken in the sequence, it appears that El Camino will be a Jesse Pinkman redemption film. Perhaps it’ll revolve around Jesse trying to fix everything with all the people he wronged when he was cooking meth with Walt.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the cast and crew filming in Albuquerque, which suggests that some of the film could be taking place at Jesse’s childhood home as well as some flashbacks to the events of Breaking Bad.

There’s not long to wait before we see what happens to Jesse after he escaped the neo-Nazi compound in an El Camino (hence the title, geddit?) in the Breaking Bad finale, but here’s hoping he has something of a happy ending or at least finds some peace. He’s been through so much and deserves some sunshine in his life.

Hollywood Is Going To Screw Up The New Mortal Kombat Reboot, Isn't It?

No end to the video game movie curse just yet.

If you’re one of the many who are hoping that the new Mortal Kombat live-action film reboot will finally crack the Hollywood video game movie curse, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the James Wan-produced project has cast Jessica McNamee as Sonya Blade and Josh Lawson playing Kano.

Now that’s all good and all, but here’s the worrying part of the report: Lewis Tan has been cast as an “undisclosed lead character.”

Uh, what?

Mortal Kombat has had an established line-up of characters throughout its 27-year existence with the only changes being the addition of new fighters every now and again. It’s not rocket science to work out who is going to be in every new game or the movie.

This means there’s simply no reason to hide the identity of a lead character because we already frigging know who they are. It’s either going to be Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Sonya Blade, Jax (Mehcad Brooks), Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim), or one of the other seven or so characters who have been around since the first game.

Since most of those aforementioned main characters already cast, we’re left with two possibilities:

  1. Lewis is playing either Johnny Cage, Scorpion, Princess Kitana, Shang Tsung, Reptile, or Goro.
  2. Lewis is playing a new, original character.

Even with the dumb “undisclosed lead character” description, we can easily work out who Lewis is playing in the Mortal Kombat reboot by a simple process of elimination.

But since the filmmakers are going though this effort to hide Lewis’ character’s identity, this means we’re left with the possibility of Lewis playing some new character, which is stupidity of the highest order because no one is going to watch Mortal Kombat for some new fighter they’ve never heard of.

All this makes no sense because there’s simply no logical reason to announce that Lewis is playing “an undisclosed lead character,” and it’s a worrying sign that Hollywood may be screwing up yet another video game movie by adding unnecessary changes.

It would be a ridiculously dumb move if this is indeed the case, which is kind of weird to say about a movie that’s about killing people in hilariously gruesome ways, like shoving a grenade down someone’s throat or freezing them before ripping out their spine. Then again, Hollywood has never been good at the video game movie gig so we shouldn’t be too surprised.

Anyway, we’ll see whether Mortal Kombat is a flop or a winning fatality when filming gets underway in Adelaide in late 2019 for a March 5, 2021 release date.

Rey Isn't The Only One Who's Gone To The Dark Side In Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker

The Emperor has gone on a big recruiting spree.

After a bunch of hype about how great The Rise of Skywalker will be and how Rey’s character arc will finally be addressed, Disney has proved that it’s not just all talk by dropping an epic new trailer to the final instalment of the Star Wars Sequel trilogy.

Let’s not beat around the bush: it looks pretty epic and there’s a bunch of great shots in there that’ll inspire hundreds of YouTube videos with big red circles in the thumbnail.

There’s (apparently) new locations:

Epic space battles between the plucky Resistance and the overpowered First Order:

And the pièce de résistance of the entire thing: Rey seemingly turned to the Dark Side and rocking an awesome new lightsaber that would make Kylo Ren cry (again).

But while the whole Star Wars discussion will be about Rey’s descent into the Dark Side – which is a false turn and is likely a Dagobah situation or a Rey clone, let’s be honest here – people are missing out on a second character who has also seemingly become a Sith lord: C-3PO.

Seriously, look at his “eyes”. Those are the eyes of someone who’s fallen under the influence of Palpatine or someone who’s just under the influence, but that’s highly unlikely since this is a Disney film so Sith lord is the only explanation.

Just think about how great this wild turn would be after taking stock of what’s gone down in Star Wars Episodes VII and VIII and what we all think will happen:

  • Tired: Kylo Ren finding redemption
  • Wired: Rey going evil
  • Inspired: C-3PO being the secret mastermind all along

Don’t hold back now, J.J, you’re onto something here. Anakin burst a Sith chip during his childhood when he built C-3PO and now his faithful droid will enact his will. It’s goddamn brilliant.

With The Rise of Skywalker set to drop on December 19, we won’t have too long to wait until we see how Threepio’s grand plan has finally unfolded after all these years of being the butt monkey and patiently biding his time.

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