David Harbour's Black Widow Character Might Be Way More Important Than We First Thought

Um, what?!

David Harbour’s Red Guardian in the Black Widow movie might be a much more important character than we thought.

Red Guardian AKA Cosmonaut Alexi Shostakov is essentially the USSR’s answer to Captain America and will play a large role in Black Widow.

But, what we didn’t realise, was the fact that in the comics he and Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) were MARRIED! We also recently learned Natasha and Bucky Barnes AKA the Winter Soldier had a relationship at one point in the comics after he trained her at the Red Room.

ScreenRant reports in Black Widow: Deadly Origin, Red Guardian is revealed to be Natasha’s ex-husband. Shostakov met Natasha while she was deep undercover and she thought marrying a real Soviet hero could be her chance to escape the Red Room.

However, the Red Room then forced Alexi to fake his own death to take part in their own super-soldier program to transform him into Red Guardian. They also told him the truth about Natasha including the fact she couldn’t have children and Alexi let her believe he was dead.

Credit: Marvel

When Natasha was told of Alexi’s death in a rocket explosion, she gave up on any chance of living a normal life.

In the comics, Natasha was chosen by Stalin himself and trained during the Cold War. She was also injected with a formula that prevented ageing.

However, in the MCU’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier it was revealed Black Widow was born in 1984. In the MCU, Natasha betrayed the Red Room at age 14 and joined S.H.I.E.L.D in 1998. So, her backstory would have to be changed quite a bit to make a relationship with Red Guardian possible in the MCU.

Credit: Marvel

There does appear to be one Black Widow scene that may suggest Alexi will be introduced as Natasha’s ex-husband.

Footage from the movie shown at Disney’s D23 Expo showed Alexi looking as though he’d just been broken out of prison then puts on the Red Guardian costume in front of Natasha and Yelena Belova.

“Family, together again,” he says. And while many believe he was simply referring to his old working relationship with the Black Widow program, it could be him referring to his literal family as husband and wife.

Guess we won’t know the truth until May 1, 2020 when the film is released!

Taika Waititi Reveals How He Got Natalie Portman To Return For Thor: Love And Thunder

We didn't think we'd ever see her in another MCU film.

One of the biggest surprises to be announced at San Diego Comic-Con was that Natalie Portman would not only be returning for Thor: Love and Thunder, but that she would be playing Mighty Thor in the film.

The actress apparently had a three-movie deal with Marvel, but only appeared in the first two Thor films.

It was then rumoured for years that Portman had a falling out with Marvel after they fired Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins from Thor: The Dark World. She even refused to return for reshoots, forcing production to use Chris Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky as a stand-in.

Credit: Marvel

Last year, however, Portman told ScreenRant she was open to reprising her role as Jane Foster in the MCU, “I’m completely open to everything, but I have no news about that.”

So, how exactly did director Taika Waititi get the actress to agree to star in Thor: Love and Thunder?

In an interview with Variety at Disney’s D23 Expo, Waititi said he pitched the idea as something totally different to what she’d been doing previously.

“I just said to her ‘Are you interested in coming back to this thing, but doing something really different?’”

“No one wants to keep repeating themselves, and no one wants to play the same characters all the time. And I think for her, just coming back, reprising that character in a whole fresh new way was really what would interest anyone.

“Especially in most of these films, if you’re not a superhero… do you really wanna keep doing that? I mean, I wouldn’t. I’d want to come back and change things up.”

Credit: Marvel

It makes sense, the people having the most fun in a superhero movie are the ones actually playing the superheroes, so the hammer undoubtedly had something the do with it.

Sadly, we have a long time to wait before seeing exactly how Jane gets her powers as the script for the film hasn’t even been written.

Looks Like There's A Doctor Strange Mistake In The Final Avengers: Endgame Battle

Did you notice it?

When Avengers: Endgame was recently released on Digital and Blu-Ray many fans took it as an opportunity to take a closer look at the movie and pick up on things they hadn’t noticed the first time they watched it.

And considering how long the movie is, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that some mistakes made it through to the final cut. One eagle-eyed fan has spotted something curious in a scene featuring Doctor Strange.

Instagram user uploaded a photo of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange wearing the Eye of Agamotto during the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, despite the fact Thanos destroyed it in Avengers: Infinity War.

Look, we get it, bringing together that many heroes for one scene and keeping everything consistent would be pretty tough.

It also seems as though the Eye of Agamotto is only seen right after Captain America yells the iconic words, “Avengers Assemble!”

Infinity War and Endgame were shot back-to-back, so it’s possible the scene was shot on the same day as the scene where Stephen Strange had yet to give up the Time Stone to Thanos in order to achieve the future he witnessed.

In the scene, Strange gives the stone away, despite having vowed to protect it, in order to save Tony Stark because, as we now know, it would be him that would make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world from Thanos five years later.

Credit: Marvel

It could be possible that the version of Doctor Strange we see in that shot on Instagram is the version of the hero who went into the future to see the one scenario the Avengers could beat Thanos. However, that wouldn’t really work with the time travel rules the movie sets up, so we’ll just assume it was a mistake!

Cumberbatch will appear in Phase Four of the MCU in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which is set to the be the first horror film in the franchise.

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