NSW Police Parodied Beyonce's Single Ladies In A Victim-Blaming Post And It's A Bad Look On Every Level

There's just so much wrong with this that it's hard to pick one aspect.

Not going to lie, the NSW Police Force Facebook page rubs me the wrong way. There’s something about using ~~~dank memez~~~ to try and whitewash the image of an organisation that’s increasingly militarised, most of which are cringey at best and downright disgusting at worst.

But even then, this post – where the NSW Police Force rewrites the lyrics of ‘Single Ladies’ to become a cautionary tale about how women can avoid assault – seems to hit a new low.


The Facebook post, published yesterday, reads:

All the single ladies,
(All the single ladies),
Now put your hands up,

Up on your phone, surfing apps alone,
Doing your own little thing,
You’ve decided to swipe, have a super like,
Now someone’s asking to meet,
Keep yourself safe (safe),
Tell a friend your meeting place (place),
‘Cause it’s only worth it if you’re okay,
You can’t be playing with safety

Firstly, the post continues the myth that women need to take all the responsibility for their own safety instead of men needing to change their behaviour.

Secondly, the police using the music of a woman of colour to promote itself when they disproportionately target communities of colour is gross.

Lastly, it’s just a bad rewrite? Trying to sound it out to the actual rhythm of ‘Single Ladies’ just gets you stuck about mid-way.

@ NSW Police: no

Some of the more recent comments have called out the post for its victim-blaming nature, with comments like, “Ladies shouldn’t be having to make themselves safer – men need to stop being rapists,” and “All the victim blamers, all the victim blamers “, which is a way better rewrite, to be honest.

Will this stop the NSW Police Force from posting stale memes in a desperate bid to stay relevant?

Unfortunately, probably not.

Ja Rule And Ashanti Planning Joint Album Because They Think They’re Bey And Jay Or Something

Ja wants to release a joint album, and Ashanti says the duo were the inspiration for the leads in the iconic musical Hamilton. OK???

Not satisfied with letting Beyonce and Jay-Z take the crown as the King and Queen of music/everything, Ja Rule and Ashanti have announced that they too will be releasing a joint album in the near-future.

Ja Rule was so impressed by The Carters’ EVERYTHING IS LOVE that he immediately tweeted Ashanti with plans to make their own collaborative album.

Speaking with ET at the BET Awards, the other half of the biggest duo from the early 2000s then confirmed the news, saying “we’re going to carve out the time and make it happen.”

But dropping that they want to be the next Carters wasn’t the only thing Ashanti told ET.

Back in November, she said that the lead characters of hit musical Hamilton – Alexander and Eliza Hamilton – were based on her and Ja Rule.

“[Creator] Lin-[Manuel Miranda] actually had his people reach out to us, and told us backstage after we saw the play that he was inspired by Ja and I — Hamilton and Eliza were inspired by us,” she told ET.

“So when me and Ja went to see the play and went backstage, I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s crazy!’ So [Miranda] was really emotional just seeing both of us,” she continued. “It’s like his vision came to life.”

Despite the fact that the pair did record a version of the song “Helpless” from the musical, I’m thinking we should take this with a grain of salt.

Mostly because, and follow me on this one, the characters of Alexander and Eliza Hamilton… were based on actual people?

Mind blowing, I know.

While we’re here, let’s not forget that Ja Rule also recently helped scam Fyre Festival patrons out of millions of dollars, and that the Fyre Fest name is now shorthand for “Event that’s so bad it leaves everyone either angry or laughing”.

Look, “Always On Time” and “Mesmerize” were bangers. But maybe stay in your lane, guys.

Not even close.

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