Never Mind Robert Pattinson, We May Be Getting A Black Batman

Just do it.

The internet was equal parts outraged and excited when Robert Pattinson was confirmed to be the new Batman. However, that furor pales in comparison to a wild rumour that’s making the comic book rounds: DC may be giving us a Dark Knight who isn’t Bruce Wayne and is black.

Yeah. Amazing, right?

Now take this with a bat cowl full of salt but Bleeding Cool says a number “prominent sources” confirm that DC Comics plan on introducing a black Batman in 2020 leading into 2021.

As for who will be this rumoured new Caped Crusader, Bleeding Cool says it doesn’t know but it definitely won’t be Bruce Wayne or Duke Thomas (since he’s taken up the mantle of Signal recently). While theories have been tossed around, it’s likely DC will opt for a completely new character no one’s ever seen before.

Again, lots of salt should be taken with this rumour.

Should this all come to fruition – and here’s hoping it does – then it would be a massive step forward from DC since every incarnation of the Dark Knight so far has been white. No shade to Robert Pattinson, who will undoubtedly do a great job in Matt Reeves’ live-action Batman film.

It also means that a black Batman will also eventually spill over into the movie side of things, which will be a hell of a milestone for DC. We’ve already seen how well black characters have been integrated into the Marvel universe, not to mention a black/Latino Spider-Man with Miles Morales in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, so it’ll be great when DC finally takes this big leap.

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves though because DC has yet to comment on these black Batman rumours and who knows if Bleeding Cool‘s sources are solid.

But here’s hoping the comic book behemoth will follow up on the buzz by bringing us a Caped Crusader of colour because not only will that open up a treasure trove of interesting character and storytelling potential, the dream of seeing Michael B. Jordan suited up as the Dark Knight on the big screen at some point in the future just entered the realm of possibility.

Thank How I Met Your Mother For Giving Us One Of Breaking Bad's Greatest Characters

Haaaaave you met Walt?

From Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to Saul Goodman and Mike Ehrmantraut, it goes without saying that Breaking Bad (and by extension Better Call Saul) has some of TV’s greatest characters. But one of these characters only existed thanks to the interference of the last thing you would’ve expected: How I Met Your Mother.

A lot of guest stars have appeared on HIMYM over the course of its nine-season run and one of those stars happened to be Bob Odenkirk, who plays the one and only Saul Goodman on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. However, this caused a bit of a scheduling conflict between the various shows Bob was on.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Bob revealed that he was actually scheduled to appear on HIMYM at the same time he was supposed to hang out with Walter White, and the adventures of Ted Mosby ultimately won out. In hindsight, Barney is probably the more entertaining guy to chill with than Walt.

Since Breaking Bad desperately needed Saul for what they had planned, Bob said the writers quickly created a new stand-in character in order to get the required information across. This new character? Mike Ehrmantraut.

“I promise you I thought I was up for three episodes of Breaking Bad — well, they wanted me for four, but I could only do three ’cause I was in How I Met Your Mother.

They actually added the character of Mike because I couldn’t make that fourth week, and they needed another character to get that information across, so that’s amazing right there.”

Who would’ve thought that a scheduling conflict would ultimately lead to one of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul‘s most important characters?

If it weren’t for Mike Ehrmantraut, Breaking Bad would’ve been a wildly different show due to the his vital role in Walter White’s descent. Hell, there’s a possibility Better Call Saul wouldn’t exist had Mike to been hastily cobbled together in the writer’s room due to a last minute panic.

So let’s give a massive thanks to HIMYM because it meant Ted’s long-winded story about how he met his wife ultimately finished on a happy ending rather than the titular mother’s death.

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