Bachelor In Paradise Just Schooled Us All In How To Be Supportive Of An Ex's New Relationship

You don't have to be salty.

For those of us that have had past relationships, there can sometimes be a weird feeling that you just can’t shake.

What are they up to now?

Do they think about us?

What if…?

You miss them.

Then there’s the other extreme where the sheer sound of their voice makes you so mad that you need to put your AirPods in and go for a walk or you’re going to blow your top.


Whatever you feel about your ex, there’s someone out there that feels the same. It’s a hard thing to navigate when a person who was a big part of your life is suddenly just someone you knew.

This is true for Bachelor In Paradise‘s Alex Nation And Richie Strahan.

After meeting first on The Bachelor, Richie chose Alex as the winner of his heart and they had a year long relationship of being undeniably in love with each other.

And then they broke up, which reportedly was very messy.


On a recent episode of Bachelor In Paradise, Richie was talking to Alisha (a bachelorette from The Honey Badger’s season) about a potential new relationship when his ex, Alex walked past and overheard.

At first, Richie’s face thought it would be totally awkward and Twitter went into meltdown thinking it was going to blow up, but then… it never did.

Alex was completely unphased that she was taking to her ex of an entire year, and it was really evident that there were no hard feelings.

I think we can all take a page out of this book and learn to be encouraging and supportive of our ex’s future relationships, because in the end, we’re all people and our time here is far too short to be wasting it holding grudges.


Bachelor In Paradise Came Through On Their LGBT+ Hype And Made Franchise History

Alexa, play LGBT by Cupcakke

The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor In Paradise franchise has been rightfully criticised for its lack of representation and queer-baiting in the past, but it seems we may have turned a corner.

Bachelor In Paradise 2019 contestants, Brooke (from Nick’s season of The Bachelor) and Alex (from Richie’s season of The Bachelor) made Bachie franchise history and went on the first ever same-sex date.

Now, I’m a queer and a cynic so I was apprehensive when Bachelor in Paradise was teasing with this coupling up BUT I’m not going to lie, I shed multiple tears at this moment.

Searching through Twitter, it seemed other queer women were on my side.

I couldn’t have put it better myself, Diana.

We need more integrated scenes like this. Scratch that, we deserve it.

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