The Avengers: Endgame Screenwriters Reveal How Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and Hawkeye Fit Into The Film

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't an easy task!

We’re only a few days away from the release of Avengers: Endgame and finally seeing the aftermath of Infinity War which saw Thanos kill half of every living creature and many of our favourite heroes.

But in case you, like us, were wondering how a number of characters from the MCU fit into Endgame, screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have come through with the answers. Well, mostly.

Speaking with Buzzfeed, the writers revealed they began working on the screenplay for the film in 2015. Since then there have been nine Marvel films released, so a bunch of movies such as Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Black Panther hadn’t even been written when they began work.

They explained that they had to write scenes for Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, despite the fact she hadn’t even shot the Captain Marvel film. The same goes for the scenes set in Wakanda which were written before even one Black Panther scene had been shot. With the timeline of the release of Black Panther, however, the writers were able to make changes based on what the cast had done in the film.

Despite the fact Captain Marvel was released seven weeks before Endgame, Larson had to shoot all her Endgame scenes before shooting any of her own film.

McFeely said it was a “bizarre” experience for the writers, “So we’re writing a character that needs to be a strong character in our movie knowing that, whoever she is, she’s 20 years removed from an entire movie that’s going to give you a really good sense of who she is. But, by the way, no one’s written that yet.”

“So all we can do is our best.”

Thankfully, Captain Marvel directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck spent time on the Endgame set so they could consult on the character.

McFeely said, “[We were] saying, ‘Does this seem like theoretically it would ruin anything you might do?’”

“And they said, ‘No.’ It was a lot of trust. And kudos to Brie for giving it a college try in the first place. It’s crazy.”

Meanwhile, Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, who appeared in Thor: Ragnarok has appeared on the posters for Endgame which indicate that she survived the snap, but the writers wouldn’t give anything away about the character’s role in the film – perhaps indicating it could be a huge spoiler?

When asked about Ant-Man and Hawkeye who were also MIA in Infinity War, the writers tried their best not to say much at all.

As McFeely tried to answer the question, Markus stopped him, telling him to give his “kick in the teeth” answer.

McFeely continued, “Everyone gets kicked in the teeth. Meaning that the snap happened to everyone. But we don’t want everyone to react the same. So it was helpful to us to have some people have different experiences of it.

“You saw the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp, Scott is experiencing it clearly differently, whatever that means.”

“We haven’t shown you how Hawkeye experienced it. Presumably… you can count on it being differently than the other people. So those points of view are helpful to us so you can tell different types of stories and not have the same football team going down the field.”

Hmm, very interesting indeed!

Only One Of The Avengers Stars Was Trusted Enough To Read The Whole Endgame Script

Obviously not Tom Holland...

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed that only one of the Avengers stars was allowed to read the full script for Endgame. Unsurprisingly, that person was Robert Downey Jr.

The whole thing was so secretive that Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker wasn’t given a script at all and was only allowed to read his lines and his lines only – for obvious reasons.

Speaking with Rotten Tomatoes, Joe revealed, “[Robert Downey Jr] was probably the only one to actually read the entire script. I think Benedict [Cumberbatch] got the script that included his scenes only.”

He also added that Chris Evans, who has already watched one hour of the film, might have also seen it.

Anthony continued, explaining why it was kept a secret, “Part of our motivation to do that is it just takes a lot of pressure off of people because it is hard to constantly censor yourself about what you’re saying, how you talk.

“These movies are your whole life. It’s everything you’re doing all day long. The inclination is to talk about it.

“So, we take a lot of pressure off of people by just saying: ‘OK, the less you know, the less you have to mind yourself.’”

Joe said it was a “tedious way to work” as the cast didn’t have much context for their scenes, but he added that the pay off is worth it in the end.

They also added that “there’s a reason the original six Avengers are left”, but when asked if they’d clue us in on what that is Joe said, “Not one bit.”

When asked if there was fake footage in the trailer the brothers shrugged, joking, “Maybe it’s all fake!”

In a Marvel featurette RDJ said, “Infinity War was nuts, but this one is going to be your finest hour.”

“There is no way anybody could guess what’s going to happen.”

We cannot bloody wait!

Marvel Studios Boss Kevin Feige Has A Pretty Simple Answer To This Glaring Plot Hole In Captain Marvel

How convenient!

Warning: Contains spoilers!

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has addressed a huge Captain Marvel plot hole, but we’re not entirely convinced by it.

During the newest MCU film, we see Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larsen) give Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) a pager so he can contact her in “a real emergency”.

For those of us who have seen Avengers: Infinity War, we know Fury pages Captain Marvel right before he turns to dust at the end of the film.

But why didn’t he just page her during the original Avengers crisis? Ya know, when a huge wormhole opened over New York City and the aliens attacked?

Yeah, that would have been nice.

Speaking with Slashfilm, Feige has offered two possible explanations for why Fury hadn’t paged Carol earlier.

“Well, I’d say two things. One, she does say it’s gotta be a real emergency, right? Yeah.

“The other thing I’d say is how do you know he never hit it? How do we know he never pushed it before? We’ve never seen him push it before. That doesn’t mean he never did.”

To be honest, the same can be said for basically every film that happened after the first Avengers film. Why are there even solo hero films? Can’t they just call their new buddies to help them save the world?

Feige also addressed this when asked why Doctor Strange wasn’t called in for The Avengers.

Speaking with Collider he said, “There are people inhabiting the same world that are stopping buildings from falling down, robots from doing this, aliens from doing that – these people in this movie are stopping inter-dimensional forces from wiping out all of reality.”

“So although it doesn’t necessarily come up, we’ve always assumed that the sorcerers have bigger fish to fry when they hear there’s something in a city or there’s a bank being robbed.”

But then there are other opinions on the whole thing, of course:

Let’s be honest, we know the real reason these plot holes exist – to make money! But will that stop me from watching Carol Danvers kick ass in Avengers: Endgame? Hell no.

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