Entitled Marvel Fans, Your Weak Avengers: Endgame Petitioning Attempts Won't Bring Tony Stark Back From The Dead

Just accept it and move on.

It’s been well over a month since Avengers: Endgame was released to enormous critical acclaim and oodles of box office moolah, and fans were pretty pleased with the film for the most part.

But this is Marvel we’re talking about and there’s always a bunch of people who are unhappy with something. In this case, there’s a group of vocal folk who are quite upset over how Tony Stark carked it at the end of Endgame after saving the universe from Thanos and have decided to launch a petition in protest.

Here we go again…

Titled “BRING TONY STARK BACK TO LIFE” (yes, they used all caps), this petition demands that Marvel change the end of Endgame and bring Tony back so he’ll get the happy ending he deserves and live to see his daughter grow up. There’s definitely some movement behind this #SaveTonyStark petition as over 30,000 people have already signed it at the time of writing.

Here’s the thing, it’s nice to see people get passionate about something but this is nothing more than a demonstration of fan entitlement, not unlike the stuff we saw for when season eight of Game of Thrones was airing.

Firstly this is just disrespectful to all the people who have worked exceedingly hard on the film and were required to keep everything under wraps in order to maintain the experience. And secondly, Tony’s death is a perfect ending for a character who has grown from billionaire, playboy, philanthropist to someone who is willing to sacrifice himself to save everyone, which he, you know, did.

And lastly, the filmmakers never promised anything other than delivering a satisfying ending to the last 20 or so Marvel films, which they totally did, so all this whinging is just pointless screaming into a tiny void.

So to all those people on the internet who have signed the petition or are going to sign the petition, just save yourself the stress and don’t bother.

You’re only making an arse out of yourselves and you’re making Marvel fans look bad. We’d love it 3,000 if you could stop and go do something productive, like reading up on why visiting Chernobyl is a bad idea.

The New X-Men Film Had To Be Reshot To Keep The Marvel Gods Happy

If it meant delaying the movie for another year, then so be it.

The upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie has had quite the troublesome production schedule to put it lightly. Filming originally wrapped back in October 2017 before they decided to do a heap of reshoots a year later, which ended up bumping the movie’s release date from March 2018 to June 5 this year.

But it turns out there’s at least one good reason why the filmmakers decided to essentially make the movie twice: apparently the ending was almost a carbon copy of another superhero film’s climax.

Speaking to Yahoo Movies UK, James McAvoy revealed that the end of Dark Phoenix changed a hell of a lot” because “there was a lot of overlap and parallels with another superhero movie that came out… a while ago.”

While he didn’t spill on what that other movie was, the internet did some Sherlocking and their conclusion puts Captain Marvel as the clashing culprit. I don’t see how they clashed, I mean, Jean Grey is a superpowered being who can levitate, glow, and blow stuff up using energy blasts…

Whereas Carol Danvers is a, uh, superpowered hero who can also fly, glow, and blow stuff up using energy blasts…

Captain Marvel Carol Danvers

Okay, I see the problem now and the reshoots suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Joking aside and in Dark Phoenix‘s defence, most superhero films these days end with the heroes facing off a horde of CGI big bads before culminating with a showdown with the ultimate baddie so there’s bound to be some overlap with other similar films, especially if they’re both from the Marvel stable.

But hey, different can sometimes be better and the film’s star, Sophie Turner, sounds pretty happy with the reshoots and was all for redoing the entire ending.

We won’t have long to wait before Dark Phoenix comes out before we can see how those reshoots turned out but you can be sure that we’ll be taking notes and comparing endings, you know, for science.

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