Australia Hits New Low After Two Bogan Stoners Force A Possum To Smoke Weed

What is going on with all these possum-related incidents in Australia?

With munching on live possums on camera being so last month’s fad, it seems like the thing Australians like to do now is to force possums to smoke weed.

In a video uploaded to Reddit, a couple of guys decided to get a possum high by lighting up a joint and holding it near its face. After a few seconds, the possum recoils – presumably in disgust – and lets out a feral scream just as the video ends.

Now I’m not embedding such a deplorable video here so click here if you want to watch it for some reason. Otherwise you can have some kittens instead.

Now some may laugh at this but this is a textbook case of animal cruelty as some small animals don’t take to weed as well as humans. Plus it’s, you know, incredibly irresponsible to force drugs onto an innocent possum.

So to all those thinking about lighting up a doob and getting a possum high, go do something else because not only does the mere thought of doing it make you a dick, being cruel to animals will net you a big fine and potentially some jail time.

To those two douchebags in the video, you’ve just set a new low for Australia, congrats.

Setting the bar ever lower.

Here’s an idea, go and spend all your free time playing The Sims 4 or go work on your audition for the Aussie production of Hamilton and leave the poor wildlife alone.

Australia’s Problem With Consent Is Far Worse Than You Think

The numbers are worryingly high.

We all know that the issue of consent is very important and needs to be properly taught to young people, right? Unfortunately, the number of young Australians who still don’t fully understand consent is distressingly high.

The results of the National Community Attitudes towards Violence against Women Survey Youth Report (NCAS) show that of the 1,761 people aged 16 to 24 surveyed in 2017, 13-15% of respondents said a man was “justified” in continuing trying to have sex with a woman who had taken him into a bedroom and initiated kissing before pushing him away. And men and women were equally likely to hold this view.

Worryingly, the report also found that one-third of young men believed that many women who say they had been raped had in fact led them on and then had regrets.

The issue of consent extends towards nude images, with the survey finding that over a quarter of young Australians blame women for sharing nude images in the first place, rather than the offender sharing the images without the woman’s consent.

In addition to the issue of consent, the report also shed some light on how young Australians viewed relationships, violence against women, domestic violence and gender roles.

While the report found that the understanding of the nature of violence against women has improved from 2013 to 2017, knowledge of the unequal nature of domestic violence has gone backwards.

The results state that while there is evidence that men are more likely to initiate domestic violence whereas women only use violence in self-defence, only 64% of Australians believe this which is a 7% drop since the 2013 NCAS report and has been steadily declining since 1995.

As for gender inequality, the results show that while there’s been a decrease in the proportion of Australians believing that men make better political leaders than women (27% in 2013 compared to 14% in 2017) and nearly all Australians (97%) are against the idea of men making jokes about being violent towards women, there have been setback in other areas.

Nearly a quarter of young people have no issue telling sexist jokes about women among their male friends, with young men (30%) over twice as likely to agree with this than young women (14%).

Perhaps the most worrying statistic is that nearly 45% of Australians believe that many women exaggerate gender equality in the country, with more young men (52%) than young women (37%) likely to hold this view.

If you need to talk to someone, you can call Lifeline on 131114.

Yes, Vivid Sydney Is Crowded, That's The Point

It's that time of the year where the same old complaint rears its ugly head.

They say death and taxes are the two things that are guaranteed in life. Well we would like to add a third one: Sydneysiders complaining about crowds and pretty lights for about three weeks at the end of every May.

That’s right, we’re talking about Vivid Sydney and the inevitable deluge of complaints that come with it every year the festival rolls around.

We get it, crowds suck and you just want to enjoy your night out in Sydney without having to elbow your way from place to place.

But here’s the thing, having crowds everywhere during Vivid is exactly the whole point of the festival.

Before Vivid became a thing in 2009, winter tourist numbers and the nightlife in Sydney was crawling up and down struggle street. In fact, the city has been trying to fix this problem for years ever since the 2000 Summer Olympics ended.

In an attempt to inject some life (and much needed moolah) back into the city, Destination NSW (then Tourism NSW) decided to launch the lights/arts/musc/whatever goes festival that we all now know as Vivid Sydney. What initially seemed like a gamble ultimately paid off as tourists arrived in droves and money poured into the economy like water from a fire hydrant. In fact, Vivid Sydney 2017 brought in well over 2 million visitors and over $143 million to the state economy.

In short, Vivid exists to bring in tourists (and money) into Sydney every year, so it’s literally a life line for the city.  So to all those Sydneysiders who whinge about Vivid’s crowds and lights every year, quit your complaining because that’s the whole point of the festival and it’s helping to stave off boredom in your city while simultaneously saving it.

Just stop it.

Given all the ridiculous lock out laws that have left Sydney’s nightlife resembling something of a barren wasteland from Mad Max, Vivid is something that Sydney needs and complaining about it is just being ungrateful.

So enough with the grievances about the people and lights, and use that energy to join in on the fun. Vivid Sydney ain’t going anywhere so you might as well enjoy yourself and become part of the experience rather than being an old man yelling at crowds.

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